5 simple tips for making an appealing wordpress blog



So how do you make your Blog more attractive? Well WordPress can give you some advantages in making an appealing WordPress Blog. One of the great things about WordPress is its Versatility, meaning it’s relatively easy to get the look that best suits the subject of your blog. And if you know some basic programming, the possibilities are almost endless.

Here are 5 tips you can follow and even inexperienced blogger can use it to make their blog beautiful, attracting loyal readership in the process.

1. Choosing an appropriate Templates:
There are so many great-looking templates in the net to choose from and many of which are free. But which on should you choose. Good starting points is to be sure about what are you writing about and think very carefully about the content you will be featuring and try to find a templates to match. For example if you are writing blog about wine, then you should choose a templates that feature rich, warm reds and swirly type face for you headings.

2. Structure your Blog well:
Well-structure for blog is a vital process, meaning balance in layout, so that it doesn’t draw attention away from what your reader to be looking at. And of course, this will depends on your content. Make sure that the intrinsic elements of the blog-heading, background elements, links are placed in such a way that they are visible, but do not attract attention away from main content.

3. Code:
Most of the tips here can be implemented by complete beginners, but if you invest a little bit of time in learning the tools of the trade, you’ll be surprised at how far even a basic knowledge of HTML can get you. WordPress allows users to edit ‘themes’ (templates) in both HTML and CSS. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could even attempt to create your own theme from scratch, though you will need a more advanced knowledge of programming language like
JavaScript and PHP.

4. Adding Image:
Image is the eyes catching element that helps to increase interest for your blogs to your readers. Depending on the subject matter of your blog, you may want to include images to add a bit of variety. A great resource for this is Flickr, where you will find a large number of images available under the Creative Commons License.

5. Important to Detail:
You will be Surprised if you will know what difference will it make focusing on Small details like Boarder and Shadows.If you take the time to indulge your obsessive side and iron out all the creases in your blog, your leadership will definitely feel the difference. They may not notice that you’ve added a specially-designed social network button, or your own custom Gravatar, but chances are the blog will feel slicker and more polished.

It should be easy to implement the majority of these tips when creating your blog-be it on a tablets or laptop.