6 Top Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website


The WordPress platform has been around since 2003. Today, it is one of the most widely used software in blogging. The non-blogging websites are also turning to the platform. All this can be attributed to the many benefits you stand to gain from this software.

Easy to use
The ease of use is probably the most noticeable benefit when it comes to the benefits of using WordPress for your website. The interface is intuitive and adding more content as well as website pages is nothing short of a breeze. No technical skills are needed since the technology on this software is simple. The availability of themes further simplifies website formatting. The platform is self-contained. You create new pages by formatting your text, adding more images or uploading videos, documents or any other file you want to feature on your website.

Work from anywhere
Long gone are the days you had to work from a single computer that had the coding tools you needed. With WordPress, you enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere. The software is browser-based so all you need is to login to your account from any computer and you are set to work on your website. You don’t need any HTML editing software.

SEO friendly
Once your website is up, you want it to get traffic. The ranking of your website on search engines is not solely dependent on the keywords you use. The coding method used matters. This is where the WordPress software comes in handy. The code behind the platform is clear and straightforward. This makes it easy for the search engines to index the contents of your website. You can also add Meta tags to each of your pages for a more focused optimization.

Do it yourself
Once the development stage is done, you can choose to update the content of your website by yourself. This is possible since no coding is required. You don’t have to wait for a web designer to help you add new content. All you need is the login details.

Customize your website
The fear that most people have when using wizards to create their website is that of their sites looking like those of their competition. This is not the case with WordPress. You can buy a unique theme and tweak it to match your brand and to make it shine. What is more is that your domain name has no unwanted extensions. WordPress just acts as your website’s engine. It gives you all the freedom you need including designing a website that is mobile optimized.

The grand benefits of using WordPress for your website are the plugins. You can add a video gallery, event calendar, Facebook Fan Box, Twitter Feed and so much more. All this is made possible by the numerous plugins. What is even more attractive is the fact that most of these plugins are free.

The benefits of using WordPress for your website are countless. In addition to the aforementioned ones, you will have the freedom of setting up multiple users and assigning different levels of access as well as be able to create a scalable website that can have thousands of pages. The important thing is to understand how the platform works before you start working on your website.

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