52% of Businesses now using WordPress for website.


A recent study has revealed that WordPress has become the most trusted business content management system, despite it being originally designed as a blogging platform.

The research, commissioned by domain name registrar 34SP.com, found that more than half of those surveyed (52%) use WordPress for their business website.

Furthermore, nearly all (94%) of those who use WordPress for their  site have between 1-50 employees, highlighting that it is small companies specifically that use this platform for business.

Technical director at 34SP.com, Daniel Foster said of the study, “WordPress really has evolved from its origins as a blogging tool into a reliable CMS for businesses. With its easy-to-use design it’s not hard to see why business owners are turning to it as the platform for their site, particularly smaller businesses who often have limited technical experience.

“There is a huge range of plugins available for WordPress, which means tailoring its functionality according to a specific businesses requirement is quick and easy, which is one of the reasons this platform has become so attractive.

“Here at 34SP.com we have witnessed first-hand the increase in businesses wanting to host their WordPress site with us and this research is more evidence that it is increasingly gaining popularity with business owners.”

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  • Ethan Tayler

    How can I Monetize my WordPress Site?  Actually I have no any idea about it.

  • jamesandrsn

    Ethan Tayler 
    The main methods of monetizing a website include:
    Selling Products and Services
    Affiliate Marketing
    You can use just a single method or all of the above when monetizing your WordPress site. The main thing to consider is how useful your visitors will find the methods you include.