A complete guideline to become a top web developer


Today, with the increasing demands of website in Sydney, the web development career has been increasing day by day. There are many people willing to upgrade their career as web developer and make a better place in website design and development world.

Are you the one?

If you include the one and still confused to take the path of web development, leave your worry to me. I will guide you to every step to reach your web development venture.

The article describes every possible step that you should take when you start web developer profession. Also, I will provide you some appropriate places to grab your knowledge and get a brand new career in motion.

You want to develop your career as web developer. Right?

But, the problem is you do not have any experience working in the web development venture. You have involved in different courses and assembled hours in the coding venture.

Yes, experience really counts to make your resume attractive. And, for good experience, you should be proficient handling the web development work properly.

Essential skills required to become proficient web developer
Anything you do either start your job as a web professional, there are different skills and expertise that you require to take your career up.

Here are some essential skills that web developers require:

1. HTML (Hypertext markup Language)
HTML is the key root for developing the website. Every website professional should learn HTML.

And, while you plan to use CMS or WYSIWG editors, HTML provides you proper understanding to boost your career and recognize how website works and also gives you an idea to take a complete control of your work and make sure you work according to the requirement and your capability.
2. CSS
Yes, must be aware that HTML commands the arrangement of a website. Well, CSS takes cares of visual presentation. It is another remarkable and essential language that proficient web designer can learn quickly.

CSS is the essential skill for web designers and frontend developers. Also, it can be useful for backend developers as well. Many web developers aware of CSS will be able developing interactive application more efficiently with design.

3. Design sense
To have a good design sense is important for expert web designers. There are various things to carry out understanding the color you are willing to include in the website.

Also, you should understand the basic principles with the best typography practices and proper way of using the images, layout principles and more.

4.JavaScript and Ajax
Are you aware of JavaScript?

Well, it is the initial interactive component of a website and website developers have to become comfortable in JavaScript earlier than they learn other languages which mainly includes with HTML and CSS to create three web design layers.

It is not necessary for web designers to learn JavaScript unless they are working on front end development. Web developers have to learn JavaScript as it holds an essential role in many websites and the web application.

5.PHP, ASP, Java, Perl or C++
The programming venture begins with different languages you employ. Well, you can also get other various choices compared to one that is mentioned above.


You can find some widespread and required after. Here, PHP is one of the leading programing languages. So, if you have desire to learn only one language, better go for PHP. Web developers should learn some essential programming language to make the site enjoyable and flexible.

In today’s online marketing world, there are lots of devices and screen which is used to explore your website. So, make you’re the website you develop is compatible with those devices and screen sizes.

To be capable of designing the website that looks good on various screen size along with writing the media queries for developing responsive website is essential for web professionals these days.

7.Customer support skills
The Customer support skills do not belong to the technical skills, but having this skill is the main factor for successful web design career.

Anything you do, either work as freelancer, agency or, in-house projects for a company, you should have good communication skill with staffs, present design ideas and make good relationship with your customers. Yes, great customer service skills are surely useful that takes your career to the next level.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO is helpful for anyone willing to create a website. There different factor affecting the website’s ranking in search engine. It depends upon the website’s speed, performance, mobile-compatibility, content, design and more.

They are all must have elements that every web designer should possess. Yes, both website developer and designer can make a strong resume acquiring some basic SEO knowledge.

9.Web server administration
To have adequate knowledge regarding the web server your website is running helps a lot in solving a problem and make your website operate better.

Many professional web designers ignore the server, but if you are aware of the responding procedure of server, you can develop a better website and do better from the performance perspective as well.

Web designers who do not proper knowledge about the use of server, but at least knows to handle server admins more efficiently. Web developers must learn more about the server so that they can troubleshoot the programs and scripts.

10.Project management
Among the skills mentioned above, project management is the key skill that every proficient web developer should have. Understanding different ways to manage a project can be helpful to keep a record and make sure the proceed takes the path of success.

This commends you to each manager you deal with. Both web designer and developers should take advantage of project management skill.

Web Developer Salary in Sydney

After knowing web development skills, you must be keen to know their salary.  The web developer salary varies according to the type of project, their experience and task they handle.
The average salary for Sydney web developer is AU$56,221 per annum.
According to PayScale, the average Sydney web developer salary is AU$56,221 per annum. And, the salary is increased according to web developer’s work performance.
Yes, experience counts and has some influence in the increment of salary. Almost every Sydney web developers moves towards the other position after some years of experience.
Website developer plays a leading role to create and maintain website and web application. The process includes development of custom scripts and determine the outline and functionality of website and programming as well as content management.

Types of web developers

Do you know web developers have different categories?
If no, here I have mentioned here for you:
1.Frontend Developer
Frontend web developer mostly focuses on appearance and experience of the website. They pick up colors, fonts and set of arrangement of web page which includes header, slider, navigation menu and content parts.

Besides, frontend web developer might work on image editing software like Adobe Photoshop and offer an essential drawing to web programmer which converts code or designer can also employ the software for coding the pages relevant to how compatible the proficient web designer is with the programming code.

2.Backend Developer
Backend web developers employ different programming languages including PHP, Python and other server-side languages for developing web applications and connect them to database on one end and front-end of the site on another side.

And, backend developers are less focused on design and they focus more on website security and assures they are organized together properly behind the scene.

3.Web Programmer
Web programmer is renowned as the one who translates web design to actual code that controls web pages.

Also, they are capable of programming complicated aspects of web pages like databases, online applications and shopping carts.

The codes for a simple page is comparatively simple, so web designer with adequate programming knowledge can deal with those codes easily.

But, some complex e-commerce website with different items for sale needs an expert web programmer.

4.Full-stack Developer
Full-stack developers are proficient in both frontend plus backend web development. It isn’t a new thing for web professionals (specially a freelancer) to acquire the skills in every language.

For an example, WordPress web development is particularly focused on development that drives into backend development to customize templates and manage databases.

Also, full-stack web developers are aware of all the columns, working procedure to develop the complete website from start to finish.

5.App Developer
Even though app development is little different from web development, the skills of web developers and app developers are somehow alike.

Well, app developers are specific in iOS for iPhones or android for other devices. Some apps are developed relevant to be used by the company and others are sold straight to users based on their business requirements.

A proficient web developer gives more priority to an actual technology compared to a particular type of task or the end result.

For an instance, you can become PHP developer if you have achieved impressive proficiency in PHP language. Also, you will be hired to develop PHP for any application which is suitable to your skill.

7.Content creator
Through website content, users will know about your company and is shown in the different web pages. It is mostly displayed in terms of text and sometimes as video or audio.

Thus, the task of the content creator is to write or edit relevant to the type of services company offers.

Even, though this can be done by the same person who carries out web development task, it needs various skills and is mostly done by professional web content creator in various web development agency of Sydney.

Where do web developer work?

So you want to know different places where web developer works.
Well, there different places in Sydney where web developer works and some are mentioned below:
1. Freelancing
Freelancing is when you carry out and run your own business working at your home or any other place comfortable for you. This indicates web developers should be proficient in the web development process along with marketing, customer support and service, bookkeeping and more until they pay for the outsource work.

2.Web Studio
Web studio refers to the small company initiated to work on the web development venture. This type of company ranges in size and mostly works with a small team of designers, developers and other industry personnel. They work together to create a website based on client’s requirement.

3.In-house web developers for Non-tech organization
Non-tech companies use the tech products such as websites and web application for promoting and selling other products along with services. It depends on size of company and they hire a full time development team to deal with their website and application and solve the issue occurring in the system.

4.Web developers for tech company
This type of companies carries out developing and endorsing the tech products such as application and other new technologies. There is less of an emphasis on client-work and web development venture and you can assume working with the large team of industrial professional. Also, the tech start-up belongs to this category which may be small in scale as well.

Wrapping Up,
So, did you go through the above mentioned pointed properly?
Well, these are everything you need to know about web developer and take your web development venture to the upper level. To become a proficient web developer, you have to effort and utilize your work in development work.
Now, are you ready to choose your career path as website developer?
Any kind of job you are willing to work, you should have a strong portfolio. It is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate your skills and expertise as a web developer. You need not wait for paying clients to start this procedure. Start developing the website and keep the one you are proud of in your portfolio. Do not focus on making it fancy, just start to create the body of work and after that point when you are looking for the project.
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