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Some cool hidden Google features, you may not have heard of!


google tricks

Internet giant Google has build lots of hidden features embedding with its Search engine for handy information . This features are directly integrated to Google search engine and other services like google map, Google API.

1. Google timer

Now onwards you don’t need any device to set timer for your task, simply type ‘timer’ on Google and set the time and hit start, similar to other time it makes beep sound after timer is completed. It is the handy tools recently released by Google.

2. Calculator

Google’s calculator is now more powerful with complex calculation features, Apart from basic math it can calculate complex logarithmic, trigonometric and other statistical calculation.
Just search ‘calculator’ or you can also search for mathematical terms like ‘2 plus 2’.


3. Site search

Google now allow us to search link from specific website only. This feature will be handy if you want to search link within specific website.
Simply search for “site: <website url>” eg. “site: aussieitgroup.com.au” it will now show all the links from that particular website only.

4. Conversion

Google made unit and currency conversion easier with its in-search conversion features. You can convert major currency and measurement unit instantly.
For currency conversion simply type ‘<amount> <from currency> to <final currency>’ eg. ‘1 USD to AUD’
Similarly for unit conversion simply type ‘<unit figure> <from unit> to <final unit>’ eg. ‘1 inch to centimeter’


5. Flight status

Google now allow us to track any flight in its own homepage without navigating to other websites. All you need to do is to type flight number in Google and it comes with complete details of the flight.


6. Gravity

It is Google’s funny feature developed under chrome experiment. Simply search for ‘Google gravity’ and click ‘I am feeling lucky’ on suggestion bar, now all the Google page element start to fall as if they are being pulled down by gravity, you can play around with these element dragging with mouse click.


7. Barrel roll

This feature is just made for entertainment purpose simply search for “do a barrel roll” now the resulting Google page will start to spin like a crazy.


8. Instance distance and direction search

It is easier now to search direction and distance between two geographical places. It is integrated directly with Google map.
Simply search “<place 1> to <place2>” eg. “kingsford to auburn”



and finally search in google for ” the answer to life, the universe and everything ” … What did you get? google it for more info 🙂




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