Effective ways to promote your company in social networks


How to bring the small business into social media? To make online people always talking about your company and read your updated information on website. Try to engage in the conversation and communicate with your customer, otherwise you risk losing clients.

Here are some tips that I considered as improving your online social media strategy

Assess your current situation:

The first action you should take before engaging in social media marketing is that aware of which parts you are make effort to improve. What is your current situation? Who are your target customers?

Register social media account:

All the social media is a platform to create your own business page, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can read the policy and create a business page via your personal account under your company’s permission. This will make it easy to manage for small company. On Facebook, you can update your business activities and communicate with your clients to get some feedback.

Try to find a social media manager:

It is difficult to manage multiple social media accounts. Therefore, sign up for a social media manager such as Ping.fm and HootSuite before you begin to post news, update content and adding followers. It could help you to manage all accounts on one site and sequence your message in order so that you don’t need to sit beside laptop all day.

Post updates and news:

Before you begin adding friends and followers, you should post some interesting or important information that could attract people to read. For example, provide some advanced or valuable idea about IT industry. Post some pictures that people enjoying your business service or upload some video that allow the customers talk about their experience and also encourage clients to make video by their own on YouTube.

Try to find friends and followers:

Search key words on Google+ to find relevant followers. For example, if you are search key words on Google+ to find relevant followers. For example, if you are small software company, search “software”. You also can search “website development”. Searching your town and surrounding areas as well to find official accounts that could also post your information online. Try to find some people and comment on them to allow them notice your action and communicate with them. You also can pay as little as $100 to post an advertisement for your official accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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