Top Global Websites with a Humble Beginnings

Global Websites with a Humble Beginnings

In today’s modern age of communication and interconnect ability, we get the opportunity to grow our ideas and deliver them to the public online. Most of the online projects are started under these bases.

We mostly find entrepreneurs and small business proprietors against serious obstacles. To start a business from scratch is not a game of a child, you need lots of dedication and plan. And, those who can tackle the tough time and develop a workable business model can feel a real sense of achievement for accomplishing their goals.

Truly, there can come lots of obstacles along the way for a global success that will include backing for the one. And, there isn’t any doubt in saying people have developed online crowdsourcing platform developed to link among the ambitious entrepreneurs and investors.

In addition, it is possibly easy compared to before to work on the ideas while only about 30% of the internet start-ups are able to protect extra funding once the idea is out there. Also, there comes those who have become eagerly successful very instantly.

So, are you aware of the website that have humble beginning?

If not, this article is for you. Here, I will mention some companies with a humble beginning.

Here we go to the top global websites with humble beginning:


Initiated in May 2005, YouTube lets lots of people to find, watch and share originally produced videos. Also, it consists of a forum for users to connect, inform and motivate across the world and works as a distribution platform for inventive and creative content creators and marketing experts for both large and small company.

Earlier than YouTube, to find a video online was really troubling. In actual, streaming, generally was only hardly used and social media were also improving at that time. And, sharing of video was not feasible and regular that users have not done often.

Well, YouTube started its journey from a simple office above a pizzeria and ultimately a garage before the company got large investment. The domain name was registered in 2005, February and website was developed after some month of domain registration.



For more than 20 years, eBay has been working to develop economic opportunity for everyone. The website was founded and coded in 1995 in Pierre Omidyar’s living room. Now, it has become the online shopping destination for the customers willing to purchase new or used, plain or luxurious, ordinary or rare, trendy.

eBay works with the mission to become most admired destination to discover great value and exclusive selection. An aspect of only how small thing is initiated is the fact that early scale of the website was a broken laser pointer, transaction of only some amounts.

However, the things advanced much instantly from there. In some months, Omidyar hired another staff member and resigned his work. On 1996 July, AuctionWeb started to sell over $7 million value of goods.

Then in late 1997, company was renamed as eBay and after some month Meg Whitman, who is an experienced business woman and executive was connected as CEO and kept lots of effort for the further enhancement of the company.



Established in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, social media networking site Facebook works with the mission to provide users power to share and make the work connected and open with one another. Most of the users use Facebook to make connection with family and friends and find what is going around the globe and share it among their connection.

Initially, the early social media platform, Facemash was developed by Zuckerberg during his college year. It included the image of different students and requested users to vote on who was supposed striking and who is not. Even though this are very popular, it was closed by Harvard and Zuckerberg was influenced and took it as a formula for success.

Afterward, he started to code and launched the social networking website Facebook from his dormitory room within the classes. Later on, his classmates claimed that he copied the concept they had discussed with him to help them make and produce, taking the main idea and utilizing it in his own project.



One of the largest online retailers of the world Amazon definitely started from modest beginners. However, there is no hesitation to say that the initiator Jeff Bezos definitely had a dream and determination towards his venture. Since he has mentioned about his decision to resign his job, switch places and begin online bookshop in his garage as a move to modify his guilt of not taking the benefit of the advancement of web.

Yet, the point that made his decision much simpler was the passing of a law in 1994 which stated that online stores do not have to pay sales tax in states where they do not have any workplace.

In fact, the idea of Jeff Bezos was simple and amazing and carried out at the perfect time in the web timeline. Now, amazon sells all the types of products with over $100 Billion revenue in 2015.


Truly, the largest company in the globe, Google was initiated as the research project of two young bright students at Stanford University. The concept for Google, which was previously called BackRub was simple as well as remarkable.

At the time research project was completed the two students Larry Page and Sergey Brin started working on the search engine, in 1997 they registered the domain name google.com.au and officially managed the company in 1998 in a friend’s garage.

The two founders of Google were not proficient in HTML, which is the standard web design language employed in different web page. So, the homepage looked quite unprofessional and chunky.

Final touch point,

Looking at the brands mentioned above, how large the business has become, it is clear that any concept can go a long way if you have complete dedication towards your venture. So, if you have any concept for online business, it is good to do carry at first or talk to some experienced personnel in the industry and know their opinions.