How To Hire Professional Freelance Web Designer ?


First of all, congratulations!!  You finally decided to get a website.

Getting a website designed is still one major headache for many people, reason is there are lots of company who say they design website and equally freelancers who build the same in affordable cost. About how to hire a web development company, we have already shared with you in our previous blog. Today, we are going to share you some information on how to hire professional freelance web designer.

We are sure that you have analyzed and sorted your requirements so let’s just focus on hiring part.

Now suppose if you are in Sydney, and you want to hire freelance web designer, you can type Top 10 (of course Tops are best and 10, well enough to compare) freelance web designer in Sydney (better to get some around your area), you can expect this result from Google:

Top 10 Freelance Web Designer in Sydney.

Well, now you can go though the list and can sort top 10 web designers of Sydney for you, you can also refer our previous blog for the ready-made list of top 10 web developer/web designer of Sydney.

Now, if you have the list, you should try to get information on these 5 major aspects while hiring freelance web designers:

  1. Past Project:  Past projects can reflect your future result to some great extent. If your possible freelancer has done many projects in the past, it will be easy for him to understand your requirements and you can save your energy on making him understand what you are looking for. So better to check his portfolio for his past project.
  2. Pricings : well, no services are of infinite price so you should make clear of their hourly/daily or project completion charge. You can compare with different freelancer to analyze how they are charging and which freelancer is affordable to you. Those who charges high are not always professionals and experts, likewise who charge cheapest are not amateur as well.
  3. Skill: Make sure your freelance web designer have required skill to carry out your project. Interview them and try to find out their skill level. Don’t let happen that you signed the contract and your freelance will start learning for new skill required to complete your project. Find someone who is expert in one skill but have knowledge of overall aspect of the project.
  4. Testimonial and Reviews: if possible, try to see what the freelancers past clients have to say about him. You can understand a lot from their reviews and testimonial. Their story will reflect a lot about the freelancer.
  5. Timely communication: Communication is the key! Imagine how you would feel if you asked one question to your freelancer and he gets back to you after ages. You need to make sure the freelancer replies to your query instantly as possible.  Those freelancers who communicate properly will have better understanding of your requirements and more likely to complete your project on time.

While making these lists, we asked one freelance web designer from the list of top 10 web designer of Sydney, Nirmal Gyanwali also focused on the same 5 aspect we shared with you. Nirmal, having around 10 years of freelancing experience have completed over 2000 projects. From his experience, he always tries to arrange proper communication with his clients so that his client can share everything they are looking for.

If you already have experience working with freelancer and if you are looking for some company where you can rely on their team for your project, you can always contact us.