Top 10 Image Tools Every Social Marketer Needs


Are you aware of top image tools for the social marketer?

If you are a social media expert, you must be aware of the images and its size. Every social media website needs different dimensions of the images you upload. These dimensions can make the good-looking image of that size or position, be it a Facebook cover image or a cover image for Google+, a Twitter header or so on.

To carry it out manually is a useless project as now there are lots of images that can assist you to operate your images into the sizes and dimensions appropriate for the most, if not all social media platforms out there.

Find the top image tools every social marketer needs

1. Social Image Resizer Tool


Social media is the indecisive intent. There are lots image size rules for a different social media platform that it will be an amazing if you can put a track of them all. For an instance, Facebook needs 315px by 851px for its cover image, whereas Twitter needs 1500px by 500px.

Here, social image resizer tool comes to help. Through this tool, you do not need to struggle about all these statistics and sizes. Only click the thing you desire to produce your photo in and the tool resizes your image for your social networking site. Now, you can export the photo to different social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

2. Social Media Image Maker

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Social Media Image Maker is likely to cover every essential social media platform out there and more. It is the ideal image tool to get the picture-perfect size and dimensions for almost 16 social media sites and services mentioned. Generate profile images, headers, cover image, backgrounds, then post them right to the services from the image tool.

Only choose the photo you want to alter, then click Create >Editing page. Then, Drag and drop or upload the photo from the Add your file button at below the page. Also, crop your photo to the perfect size, this tool also facilitates you with enhanced filter effects and image changes like sharp, blur, desaturate and so on.

3. Pablo

Boost your social media engagement through Pablo. Yes, with Pablo you can make striking photo simply to post in different social networking site. Here you can make the image in less than 30 seconds.

Add your quote, include an additional text or a logo, decide your headline text size and color then pick your background. Also, you can select any of the complete photos or you upload the image. In addition, tweak the photos to transfer a blurred effect or to alter into a black and white image.

After work is complete, you can share it on Facebook or tweet it. Otherwise, it can be kept in Buffer to be planned for future sharing, or download it to your desktop.

4. Pinwords
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Image Tool Pinwords guides you to include a quote or caption to one of six typographic designs. Your text is ought to be simply changed about, distended or contracted to the proper size. Upload a photo you desire to work on or choose an image from the internet to start, select the font or layout that you like, update the text size then press “Pin it” to save all your updates.

After you complete, you can share the image through Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter or email. Also, Pinwords facilitates with a bookmarklet which can be only dragged and kept on your bookmark bar to start it over.

5. Befunky


Befunky is the combination of three tools and they are a photo editor, a collage maker and a tool to provide you better image effects. Besides the regular tools, Befunky’s image editor tool benefits you with the color effects such as color pinhole, chromatic, charcoal among others, and the capability to include not just text but also graphic components.

In addition, one of its superior features is Overlay, that lets you cover your photo with a predefined form. The exciting thing about Befunky is that you can upload images from different sources that include your computer or webcam, Facebook or cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

6. Canva

Canva is one of the perfect image tools for non-designers willing to make a layout image without learning new things. The tool consists of pre-defined templates with the proper size for all the social networking website. For an instance, Facebook cover image, Instagram, Twitter headers, Pinterest graphics and more. Also, it uses custom sizes if required.

For instant use, you can pick one of the thousands of templates with classy photos and design from the Layout pane. It’s easy, just change and post. Besides, you can also include text available in the Text template, and pick the finest image or a pattern background from the gallery, or upload your personal image, to generate great photos.

7. Recitethis

Quotes are most preferred content on social networking site and are shared the most. ReciteThis is one of the exciting image tools that allows you to make quote images very quickly and effortlessly. Just put your quote in the accessible form, and a live preview will be displayed to you. Choose the template you get more appropriate, then press the ‘create’ button.

In addition, you can publish directly to various social networking channels or download the photo. Otherwise, send the permalink of the image, email the photo to your loved ones or clients.

8. Pagemodo

The cover image on a social networking site is one of the first photos viewed because of its place. So, it would be good to use cover images to define you or your brand in the utmost striking.

Here, Pagemodo can become helpful to you. It consists of lots of themes that are very exciting and customizable, allowing you to build a collage image or image with attractive design. You can include your images, text, logos, shapes, and background, and edit the position and dimensions of each element.

9. Share as image

Through one of the useful image tools, Share as Image, you can simply use text and filters to your photo. When you add text to the form, drag and drop the text to place it where you desire. The text area is infinite, just include relevant to your requirements. Also, there are choices to save photos to post on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

For your ease, the pro version is also available. It allows you to update the logo to choose and offers you additional images and filters. In addition, you can get access to the 10 more templates for usage, which truly saves design time.

10. Infogram

If you want to show infographics, Infogram is one of the easy and remarkable image tools to build infographics speedily. It is simple to use and facilitates with different infographic templates.

If you can give maximum time, you can do it manually by using a chart from the cart list and changing the data standards with your personal data usage.

You can get access to other exciting features paying $15/month. These exciting features include replacing the Infogram logo with your personal logo, download infographics, and additional handy features.

The Final touch,

These are all about the top image tools that help you to organize your images perfectly for better social media engagement.

If you know more image tools, let me know commenting in the box below.