Quick SEO Tips You Should Not Miss


Applying SEO strategy is equally important as developing a complete website.

Earlier than you start your SEO venture, you need to know the following:

  • What your website is related to?
  • What is the main purpose of your website?
  • How dedicated you are to reach your goal?

After you have settled on the above three things, let’s get to work.

Here are quick SEO tips:


Develop website on a primary niche

There might be about other topics, as well, but pick the one major niche that is most important for your business.

This phase is essential, so you might desire to work on keyword research and analyze the keyword earlier than you decide on the topic.


Place the keywords where they influence the most

Better place the keywords in the website title, domain name, details, tagline, blog categories, page titles, and page content.

If you work on WordPress, you can also update a lot of this in the General Settings or use the plugin All in One SEO Pack as it is SEO-friendly plugin.


Do not forget to carry out internal linking on your website

Most of the content management systems carry out this automatically.


If yours doesn’t, you might desire to plan regarding linking to your most crucial pages straight from your homepage and cross-linking them with one another.


Speed Up website load time

Page load times are essential, so do not let any unnecessary stuff slow down your blog or website. Otherwise, your followers might get away from you

So, to speed of the website try to get rid of music player, heavy image, flash graphic, and needless plugins.


Include keywords in the images

Do you know it’s very difficult for Google to recognize the images?

So, to help Google to understand the images better include keywords in the images.

Use the words that reveals your website niche in the image title, details, and Alt attributes. Beside, reuse the file name if that do not outline your essential keywords.


Do not forget to link other websites with relevant content

Effective SEO comes when you link to other websites with relevant content.

So, confused on how to do this?

It’s simple, you can do this this by adding a blogroll, link list, or resource page on your site.

Yes, do it carefully, as very outbound link is a “vote” for other websites. However, if you do it properly and users are likely to click your links, this makes clear to search engines you are a trustworthy on your specific niche.


Update your website frequently

Most of the websites that holds dynamic content frequently rank higher compared to those website that enclose the static content. This is the main reason why web pages, blogs and directories such as Wikipedia comes up to be better on well recognized search engines. They are continuously being updated with new and fresh content.


Ensure your website is indexed in search engines

Is your website indexed in search engine?

Most of the search engines will automatically discover and index your content, but don’t sum on it.

So, make sure the popular engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo are crawling your website, so that users can get you online without any trouble.


Get other websites link to you.

For Good search engine optimization, this is really, very important thing you should not miss out. The comedown is that it’s not something you can certainly control.

Along with developing an engaging and outstanding content, the only thing you can carry out is think about what works better for your website.

In my personal opinion, it is better to make some time and attempt to convince other website owners for the links to your website on just writing remarkable content. Here, guest post really works, trust me.

In the end,

These are some effective SEO tips that will enhance your website instantly. If you think I have miss out any important tips, you can share your views in the comment box.