Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Business



Competition in businesses has been on a steady increase, even in small businesses, due to a number of reasons one of them being technology. With the increased use of mobile devices and their preference in accessing the internet, businesses are now focusing on how they can utilize this as a marketing tool with an aim of reaching more clients.

This report shall briefly suggest some mobile marketing tips that are both cheap and effective.

Leading Tips

Since small business enterprises may not be at liberty to invest heavily in marketing, we shall list some recommendations that may be implemented to ensure proper marketing campaigns that are effective in acquiring new business.

They include;

  1. Create a mobile app – As reports now show that mobile devices are the preferred option for internet access, investing in a mobile app will help in improving on availability and will also provide a cheaper platform to air advertisements hence promoting marketing (LionBridge, 2012).
  2. Implement text marketing – Text messages are cheap to send across any network which makes them an affordable tool for marketing hence a business should endeavor to collect client details. Including mobile numbers, so as to help in sending and receiving feedback. With the mobile numbers, a business may easily inform its’ clients on new products and/or notifications.
  3. Social media marketing – As people are spending more time each day on social media platforms than on any other platform, it is essential for any business to create its own social media profile which they may use to post information on their products and services as well as receive complain, comments and compliments.
  4. Introduce a reward system – Small incentives such as discounts and loyalty points go a long way in marketing and thus a small business may use this to motivate clients by giving discounts to all mobile device transaction (MAGENTO, 2006). Also, introducing promotions that reward the most active clients on mobile platforms will help in enhancing the business’s presence and image hence acquiring new clientele.
  5. Enhance mobile customer service – in addition to having a mobile app, setting up mobile customer relation systems is essential in ensuring real-time customer support regardless of geographical location. This will help in improving on efficiency and performance hence attracting more clientele.

In conclusion, it is paramount for any business to endeavor in new ways and means of acquiring new customers as a way of propagating their products even further and raking in more profits. Therefore, implementing the above listed mobile marketing tips is essential for any business as this will help improving the business’s presence and help in staying afloat with competition.

  • Sara Robinson

    Seriously, a person can only give a major boost to the revenue to a business through mobile marketing if the entrepreneur has got his own app for the business.