Top 10 Hosting Company in Australia

Top 10 Hosting Company Australia

Looking for trustworthy web hosting company in Australia?

Today, you can find lots of web hosting service providers in Australia and it has become a competitive business. When you look for a web hosting company, be sure you go for the the right one. This is the most important decision you make for your business. Yes, web host helps to demonstrate your business online among the wide-ranging audiences.

A web host is a business that can store your website on its servers and publish it so the rest of the world can access it.

Most businesses have their website hosted by a third party provider. Why?

Because an external web hosting business can usually safeguard your site more effectively than you can. It also means if your business suffers a major disaster such as a fire or flood, your site will stay live.

The experts at Hosting-Review do their best to offer customers the latest information on the best web hosting options in their area. This is exactly why we put together this list of the top Australian web hosting companies.

True, today’s interconnected world means you can literally host your site anywhere on the globe – but will you get the speed you need? The customer service you deserve? The best bang for your dollar?

It is essential to choose the ideal one as all the determination, time and labor which you have capitalized on the website ma get waste if you do not pay more attention on choosing the reliable web hosting service provider. So, study and evaluate the web hosting companies and prefer the best that go along your business

As business owner in Australia, you have to select a dependable web hosting agency that provides decent service with the tools, bandwidth, storage and support at your desired time.

Your web hosting service provider should benefit you with:


While you pay a reasonable cost to a web hosting company but you do not find the services as expected. And, rather get the servers that are overloaded and crashed all the time, then your users might not find the website useful.

Also, this may distress your company with lots of negative impact, and you may have to miss your probable costumers as well. So, to get rid of these consequence find a hosting company that promise you 99.9% uptime.


Do you know the importance of back-ups?

This is the most essential factor that every website owners, should pay attention on. Sometimes, you can find the crash of website due to various reason. So, to stay away from this type of issues, you should get ready to deal with it, and the best solution can be finding a web hosting provider facilitating with regular backups of your website.

Unlimited domain hosting

Look for the service providers that benefits your business with unlimited domain hosting where you are allowed to host several domain names within one hosting account. This also indicates you can encircle numerous websites in one account.

User friendly c-panel

How compatible is your c-panel?

Better ensure that the web hosting service provider facilitates with a user friendly c-panel that is maintained with each and every functionalities. Now and then, you only need to go for the updates to the server, and if the c-panel is the thing which you cannot simply understand or use, you may make sometime to go back and contact with the company to solve the issue.

 Email Account

Every web hosting service providers may not offer you an email account with your domain names. Keep in mind, if you have a website named aussieitgroup.com.au then you have to be capable of acquiring an email such that [email protected] for free.

Now, let’s proceed towards the top hosting company in Australia:

  1. HostPapa

An award winning and well-established web hosting company HostPapa is built keeping your desire in the mind. The hosting service provider is also leader in the green hosting.

When you prefer HostPapa as your web hosting package, you are going to get one of the completely feature hosting packages on the marketplace.

They offer the web hosting service that goes around the clock customer support, wide-ranging learning resources and remarkable reliability without limiting your budget.


  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Secure and reliable email
  • Unlimited everything
  • User-friendly account and website access
  • Uptime Guaranteed
  • 24/7 manned security
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Free website builder software
  • Unlimited disk space an bandwidth
  1. Crucial

Crucial, one of the widespread web hosting company in Australia. The company have been helping Australian business achieve online through remarkable service with great combination of hosting products.

Getting aware of all the the accomplishments and encounters of small business, they provide comprehensive support to their customers.

The web hosting company is self-assured in their presentation of hardware and customer service. Anything you want either initiate your business or looking for responsible Australian web hosting company, you can always contact with Crucial.


  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Adequate Storage
  • Unlimited Transfer and Email
  • Green Hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • VPS hosting
  1. DreamHost

Established in 1997, DreamHost helps users get online branded and develop open source technology along with dedicated customer service. The web hosting service provider also offers domain registration, cloud services, web hosting to millions of websites, blogs and applications supporting more than 400,000 website designers, developers, content developers, entrepreneurs and small business with the power of open web.


  • Independently owned
  • Passion for privacy
  • Committed to security
  • Full support
  • 100% uptime
  • Embrace Open source
  • WordPress installation
  1. Digital Pacific

One of the leading web hosting service provider of Australia Digital Pacific is different from other hosting service provider. The company backups your website 3 time a day and uses high grade Dell hardware along with mirrored drives which have been in process since 2000 and is the most reliable web hosting company in Australia.

At Digital Pacific you can get the contact free web hosting service that ranges from $4.90/month helping your business to become up and running on the web instantly. All the plans consists of various features that depends upon the complexity of your website.


  • Green powered server
  • State of art Hardware
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Reseller hosting
  • Service guaranteed
  • Backups and Recovery
  • Hosting Add-ons
  • Personal hosting
  • Business hosting
  1. Crazy domains

Initiated in 2000, Crazy domain is the foremost domain name registrar in Europe, India, Middle East, Australia and more. The web hosting service provider is the simple business platform that allows managing and connecting quickly to cloud web hosting, email hosting, online marketing services and more.

Yes, you can depend on this service provider for crazy deals, and is ideal place to call home for thousands of consumers as well as domains. They are also always available to help startups, SMEs and large well-established companies to go from decent to legendary.


  • Web hosting transfer
  • Email hosting
  • Fax to email
  • Email protection
  • SSL certificates
  • Email Protection
  • Site Protection
  1. HostGator

HostGator has been providing its service since 2002 and also able to win various industry awards for the web hosting and support related to bloggers, WordPress, Joomla and virtually every other position. Regardless of the past, the web hosting service provider has no wish to rest on their laurels and simply polish the trophy case.


  • Windows hosting
  • Easy Control panel
  • 9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Full technical support
  • One-click script install
  • Reseller hosting
  • Transfer Domain
  • Customer portal
  • Manage Domain
  • Dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  1. Inmotion hosting

One of the foremost web hosting service provider Inmotion hosting contains awesome hardware with talented and highly skilled teams. Every support staff of the company comes up with rigorous internal training program that offers complete support through emails, phone or chats.

Besides, their web hosting network is focused on the fast and trusty Linux and Unix operating system. It is regularly monitored for unusual activity and benchmarked endlessly for their great performance. Also, it lets instant respond to the instant problems and grow the system optimally keeping it broadband prepared, cost-effective and completely terminated every time.


  • Premium Hosting
  • InMotion hosting data centers
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Business hosting
  • Committed to open source
  • Reseller hosting
  • Investments in Technology
  • Dedicated hosting
  1. iPage

Web hosting is not an easy subject as well as it is highly-technical industry. The service provider of iPage are proud to deal with the complication and basically offering you with great experience. They handle every issue that obstruct your website to demonstrate in the world of web.

They are experienced hosting different company, personal, social and non-profit website for more than 10 years. The company also consists of different types of tools, techniques and approaches helping you to get idea online.


  • Expert customer care
  • Hundreds of free templates and themes
  • Dedicated hosting
  • User guide
  • Support tickets
  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy influences the world’s leading cloud platform devoted to small, self-governing projects. With above 14 million consumers wide-reaching and above 63 million domain names under management, GoDaddy is the ideal platform users come to name their business or any other ideas, develop a specialized website, entice consumers and achieve their work.


  • Social media advertising
  • World’s largest domain name registrar
  • More than 14 million customers
  • Online Advertising
  • Podcast advertising
  • Resellers
  • Search engine advertising
  1. eHost

eHost provides everything you require to host as well as manage your website. Almost every web host service providers looks similar on the surface, providing the disk space, bandwidth email, website builder and 24/7 support.

However, these are only a fraction of advantages you are going to take pleasure when you choose eHost to host your website in the world of internet. Indeed, the web host service provider helps to develop online store, initiate a blog or setup an image gallery. And, yes all the ideal apps are accessible with the eHost.


  • Storage space
  • Bandwidth
  • Free domain names
  • Drag and drop site builders
  • Domain allowed
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Free email address
  • Free marketing tools

Looking for reliable web hosting service in Australia?

If you have trouble to find a dependable web hosting service provider then Aussie IT Group greets you with complete gratitude. This web hosting service provider comes up with all the necessary features you need to store your website content with the space you want.

To make your Australian business more operative, find a web hosting service who can deal with all your business necessities. We know the worth of your online business and offer you a server with sufficient space as well as speed and make your business available all over the world.

To Wrap Up,

So, I hope the article provided you sufficient information about the web hosting services and the service providers. Yes, the Web hosting service providers mentioned above helps storing the data and also make your website obtainable on the web. These were top 10 most widespread web hosting company in Australia.

But, it’s your call to choose the one that corresponds with your business requirement. Better evaluate them properly and get the best web hosting service provider for your online business.

Furthermore, there are millions of other service providers as well, pick the right one for your business and make the wise decision for your company.

Are you looking for similar service? If yes, get in touch with us.