Top 10 Open Source Tools To Deal With Your Web Design Venture

web design tools

Are you familiar with open source tools?

These tools are very helpful to take your web design venture to drive the road of success. Most of the open source applications as well as tools are perfect that makes the work of proficient web designer easy in reasonably priced manner.

Truly, almost every open source tools have alike features to the expensive application and also available for free. This makes easy for a web designer and developer to get all the tools and application needed to carry out their work in a cost-effective way.

Also, there are lots of web design tools with an essential role to accomplish the website instantly with great achievement. When you think about designing visually, your software turns your web design into code and sticks them online as well.

If you are keen to know open source tools to make your web design project easy, just follow me. In this article, I will explain the top open source tools that make the life of web designer easy and trouble free.

Now, let’s get into the top open source tools useful for web designer:


notepad++ logo

Notepad++, free open source editor is substitute of Notepad that appears in different languages. It is handled by GPL License. Based on the powerful editing elements called Scintilla, the open source software is written in C++ and utilizes Win 32 API and STL to make sure of high execution speed and smaller program size.

Optimizing the determined routine focusing on the user experience, Notepad++ do not miss a single chance to decrease world carbon dioxide emission. When using less CPU power, PC stifles down and reduces the power consumption emphasizing the green environment.
•    Syntax Highlight and folding
•    User defined Syntax
•    Perl Compatible Regular expression (PCRE) Search/Replace
•    GIO entirely customizable
•    Auto-completion
•    Multi-Document
•    Multi-View
•    Zoom in and Zoom out
•    Bookmark
•    Multi-language environment supported
•    Launch with various arguments


KompoZer logo

One of the top open source tools Kompozer is simple to use specially dedicated to the users who do not have adequate technical skills, but desire to build stunning, professional website without working much on the codes.

Besides, this open source software is completely web authoring system that combines web file management with simple to use WYSIWYG website page editing.
•    FTP file manager
•    A new colour picker
•    Tabs
•    CSS editor
•    A dash of style
•    Customizable toolbar
•    Forms
•    Cleaner mark-up
•    XFN
•    Visible marks
•    Table cell/resizing rulers
•    Automated Spellchecker


firebug logo

Open source tool Firebug helps with the integration of Firebox to keep the success of web design and development tools alongside while you browse. Also, it allows debugging and checking CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live on any website.
•    Inspect
•    Log
•    Profile
•    Debug
•    Analyse
•    Layout


gimp logo

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), is cross-platform available for Linux/GNU, OS X Windows and various Operating System. Free and open source image edit platform also allows to update source codes and allocate your updates.

Any profession you have either graphic designer, photographer, illustrator or scientist, GIMP benefits you with amazing and useful tools to take your web design and development project appropriately.

•    Customizable interface
•    Photo enhancement
•    Digital Retouching
•    Hardware support
•    File Formats



One of the remarkable Open source tools Dia which is expected to get inspired from business Windows program “Visio” although it is more concerned on the informal diagram for normal use.

Also, it is used to deal with different diagrams and currently contains the objects, helping to develop an entity relationship diagram, network diagram, UML diagram and more.

Besides, it is expected to add the support for fresh share along with a simple XML file using the subset of SVG to make the shape. And, Dia lets to load and save diagrams to a custom XML format and export diagram to different format including SVG, WMG, PNG, XFIG.

•    Simple and easy to use
•    Let’s you print the diagram
•    Include support for new shape



Previously, Krita, a creative application and painting application was part of Calligra till the version 2.9 and currently it provides different services independently.

In the past days, open source tool Krita used to actively focus on a generic images manipulation and printing application in the style of GIMP or Photoshop. From 2009, Krita community has expanded their service to the incredible application for cartoonist, illustrator, and concept artist as well.
•    User Interface
•    Brush Stabilizers
•    Pop-up Palette
•    Brush engines
•    Wrap-around mode
•    Resource manager
•    Layer management



Inkscape consists of the professional quality vector graphic software that operates on different Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and Windows platform.

Usually, the software is used by web design experts and hobbyists globally to develop a wide-ranging variety of graphics such as illustration, icon, logo, diagram, map and website graphic. Also, it uses W3C open standard SVG, open source and obtainable for free.
•    Comfortable drawing tools
•    Broad file format compatibility
•    Powerful text tool
•    Spiro curves



Filezilla, the free FTP solution lets you find the availability of both client as well as service. This open source software is allocated free of cost under the terms of GNU (general Public License. It is surely the most desired FTP applications.
•    Simple to use
•    Supports FTO and SSH File Transfer protocol (SFTP)
•    Cross platform. Operates on windows, Linux and more
•    IPv6 support
•    Obtainable in different languages
•    Supports resume and transfer the large file more than 4GB
•    Tabbed user interface
•    Powerful website manager and transfer queue
•    Bookmark
•    Drag and drop support
•    Filename filter
•    Remote file editing
•    Keep alive
•    Logging to file
•    Remote file search



Open source tool Cyberduck is popular as libre FTP, SFTP, S3, WebDAV and OpenStack swift browser for Mac and Windows. The tool is widely tested FRP and applied to the simple and supportive for FTP on the secured SSL/TLS connection.
•    Connects every server
•    Allocate content in the cloud
•    Edit any file with desired editor
•    First class bookmarking
•    Browse with ease
•    Transfer anything



WinSCP consists of an open source free SFTP client and FTP clients usually intended for windows. Also, you can deal with different types of translation to Catalan, Polish and Swedish. The open source tools also allow you to open different types of files in the editor using the paths.
•    Improved tooltips
•    Solves various OpenSSL vulnerability
•    Allocates custom command in the form of WinSCP extension
•    Enhanced transfer speed
•    Various improvements to scripting, command-line and .Net assembly

Closing Up,
These are the top Open source tools that help to deal with your web design venture.
So, which web design tool do you like the most?
Do not forget to mention in the comment box below.