Top 5 Website Platforms



Website is one crucial part for any business house. Most of the businesses itself are now being operated online. With billions of website and millions of website developers around the world, website development practice have also evolved a lot. From hardcore coding to simple drag and drop feature, website development has now many options on how to develop a site. Here , we will discuss about some top 5 website platforms which are trending now a days.


  1. WordPress: It is one of the most versatile platform among the top 5 and most widely used one as well. WordPress claims that over 60 million people have chosen wordpress to power their website.  It can be simply used as a blog, complex corporate site, ecommerce site, portfolio site or just some informative site. It is simple yet very powerfull. WordPress have lots of templates and plugins to choose as per needs.


  1. Squarespace: People are enjoying Squarespace as well. It is very simple “build yourself” like concept. Users just need to drag and drop the features to make the website. squarespace is very customizable with its drag and drop feature. Unlike wordpress, squarespace is free just for 2 weeks and then users need to subscribe from any of their package to continue their subscription. They have personal, professional and business plan which users can subscribe as per their requirements.


  1. Cargo: This platform is specially developed for portfolio sites. The platform itself is developed by artists. The layout is pretty simple with sidebar and single image page. It offers only 100 MB storage in its free version. But users also get 12 projects and three pages of content, cloud hosting and can edit the CSS if required. The paid version cost like $9/month and user get 6GB image storage and unlimited projects.


  1. Wix: Wix is quite similar concept like that of squarespace. Users can easily drag and drop elements to make one complete page. This page builder is very easy to customize such that user can add and edit their own HTML code. Wix offers 6 different plans for its users. Wix is best suitable for small Business owners, as the plans offer generous storage and bandwidth, and advertising vouchers at the higher levels.


  1. Weebly: Weebly is also similar to wix and squarespace but it is more focused for ecommerce website. Weebly also have mobile apps so that user can edit on the go. Apart from free option, Weebly offer3 different pricing package namely Starter, Pro and Business.


Though page builders are easy, users still need some idea about design concept, configuring plugins etc. we have helped many clients to work on such platform and helped them to make their site live. If you are looking for consultation on which platform to use and know its pros and cons, feel free to contact us.