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    Top Global Websites with a Humble Beginnings

    Global Websites with a Humble Beginnings

    In today’s modern age of communication and interconnect ability, we get the opportunity to grow our ideas and deliver them to the public online. Most of the online projects are started under these bases. We mostly find entrepreneurs and small business proprietors against serious obstacles. To start a business from scratch is not a game […]

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    Top 5 Website Platforms


      Website is one crucial part for any business house. Most of the businesses itself are now being operated online. With billions of website and millions of website developers around the world, website development practice have also evolved a lot. From hardcore coding to simple drag and drop feature, website development has now many options […]

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    How to Ensure a Noteworthy Mobile Optimized Website


    If you will observe the analytics of your website, you can probably notice an incessant increase in the mobile traffic.  No doubt, in this mobile age, a mobile-optimized web presence has become inevitable for everyone. And, to further emphasis on this, Google has already warned website owners to either create a mobile-friendly website or get […]

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    Whats new on Samsung Galaxy s6 ?


    Samsung, Korea Based multinational company has released its new flagship Samsung Galaxy Phone ranging its ‘S’ series which has been a huge success throughout the world among tech-geeks and day to day users. Comparatively Samsung always trying to edge Apple’s latest i-phones, Samsung has been success in some extent, and may not, which entirely varies […]

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    The 5 most used Frontend framework of 2014


    CSS frontend frameworks are now one of the most important parts of website development but the sad part is we have very few lists of good frameworks to choose. Based on the github popularity, we have tried to list 5 best and most used framework of 2014. 1. Bootstrap This is the most used and […]

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    Information Graphic


    Information Graphic is a graphic visual which represent information and data to present complex information quickly and clearly. Information graphics have been around for many years and recently the increase of a number of users, free tools have made the creation of info graphics available to a large area of the population. Social media sites […]

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    What’s Hot And What’s Not In The World Of Software Development


    Changing trends: Fashion loves, Software despises How often do we hear a software designer sneering at the fashion industry? In the latter world, trends blow through like the breeze and that is something the programmers are not in favor of. Ties grow fat and then thin out again, pigments come and go, skirt lengths rise […]

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    10 Fun Facts About Microsoft


     Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational corporation. It is the world’s largest software maker measured by revenues. It is also one of the world’s most valuable companies. Despite of being tough fight and competition from Apple and Google and ever-increasing Mac sales. Microsoft still stands as the first choice of most of the people and has an undisputed dominance over […]

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    IOS 8 Jailbreak


    IOS is the mobile operating system developed by the Apple Inc. and distributed for its own apple hardware. Originally, iOS was unveiled in 2007 for the iPhone. Then, apple extended the support of iOS for the various apple devices. Apple has various kind of the hardware which is amazing to use. IOS was first started […]

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    6 Top Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website


    The WordPress platform has been around since 2003. Today, it is one of the most widely used software in blogging. The non-blogging websites are also turning to the platform. All this can be attributed to the many benefits you stand to gain from this software. Easy to use The ease of use is probably the […]