How Website Design Has Evolved Over Time?

Website Design evolution

Are you aware of website design evolution?

Today, we are unable to imagine the World without internet. Indeed, it has become one of the major parts of our life.

Since 1991, Website design is following a long way when the website was introduced for the first time. Complete text-based, the initial website appeared at the beginning of the digital revolution.

Technology is advancing and has become an essential part of our daily activities. We even feel incomplete if you do not use them for a day.

The concept of website design has transformed in the past two decades. So, can figure out where they are going? What advancement does website bring in upcoming days?

Currently, we use a mobile device,  and desktop to access the web to search informative information, explore online shops and entertaining videos and movies. Also, instead of wasting our time moving one place to another, we prefer to use online payment features. This indicates we depend on the web to live our life smoothly. With the progress on the web, website designers are finding the new approach to updating the way we interact with the web.

With the evolution of the internet and the web design decision tastes and styles have naturally evolved. Like the styles and web design trend updates repeatedly. And, the one who follows new trends always wins today’s competitive digital battle.

Check out the web design evolution

Web Design Evolution (2004-2006)

The layout of the website started to standardize from the mid-2000. You can notice the website developed keeping navigation on the top and categories at the left bar. This is mostly because the website pages with a large amount of text have become offensive. Also, web designer understands that browsers can become more interactive if information is in the proper category.

Scrolling was not much in use as web pages were short and narrow. Diverse colors were in trend, but black, blue, white, and dark colors were used extensively. Additionally, websites created in flash were popular due to limited HTML. Flash made the life of website better based on the design which HTML was unable to do. However, flash is much in use today and you hardly find the web developers working with flash. This is because it couldn’t go along with iOS.

Then came a time when the first Content Management System was introduced to facilitate the website proprietors to update their website and edit some features of the site.

Web design Evolution (2010-2015)

Throughout the period, you can see the drop down menus on the desktop sites. Web design was proceeding on color selection. Also, everything was going perfect on the usage of the color spectrum.

With the rise of smart mobile devices to the extensive mobile website design, add-on site that required to be managed and designed distinctly. Magazine-like layouts replaced with narrow columns and textured replaced the single color background which came into practice.  The prominence on the infographics usage was noticed where information was managed via digital imagery.

At the end of this time, video background also came to the top of website range growing broadband web speeds acceptable for this.

Web design evolution (2016-Present)

In the past two years, we can see lots of progress in website design along with different features. Responsive web design is another feature that came into popularity. The responsive website facilitates users to explore the website from any device they wish. Users do not have to wait to go home and use the desktop to browse the website.

Most of the web developers like to develop the website using responsive design features instead of a mobile website course of 2010-2013. This is ideally essential development procedure. Also, this indicates longer home page with nominal text, large rotating banner, and eccentric navigation panels.

Breakdown of information  into slides to present it in a more readable format with larger font headlines that sticks out to the browser. Also, you can find new prominence on larger, high-resolution images and defined as a drop of fluff which took up lots of screen from the past 5 years. For the simplicity, websites are more efficient and fonts are getting flat with icons everywhere.

Future of web design

It is certainly tough to guess how the website will update in the upcoming years. But, according to the prediction of website experts, prominence are focusing more on the website in the form of art instead of the things that offer a function. Also, there are lots of evidence to recommend, the website is moving towards surrealist dynamic design with stunning illustrations and the standards. We will also get a chance to see stimulated metaphors of the 80s.

Based on the design, we understand the navigation button are not only placed on the top of the page, but also located throughout the website. This facilitates to click less while exploring the website. And, we have been clicking less while exploring the website every year. If this starts to progress over the time, we can have an opportunity to see more minimalist, simple website design in the upcoming days.

Wrapping Up,

The website design story is long and exciting. After going through the article, you must be aware of adoption and progress of the web design trends. Web designers are continuously working with fresh and interesting ways to change the way we interact with the web. Earlier than checking the latest web design trends, it is better to look back at the web design evolution.

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