Best WordPress Plugins to Easily Create Mobile-Responsive Websites


Based on the research, about 33.4% of the total share of traffic appears from mobile devices and the phenomenon is increasing day by day.

Today, WordPress has ruled lots of business. WordPress comes up with lots of advantages and nowadays, it can be used to develop a landing page, customize your login page, implement two-factor authentication or find out the way to optimize your website together with artificial intelligence. Also, different types of WordPress themes and plugins makes it more useful.

One of the significant things you have to do to boost your website’s visitors is to develop a mobile-friendly website. This simple mobile marketing technique is skilled providing value to your audiences, offering them an enhanced browsing experience.

It is important that you develop a mobile optimized version of your WordPress website. Most of the top website and blogs have already updated their website but still there are various websites and blogs who are lacking behind developing a mobile version.

This post is related to the plugin that helps you to develop a responsive website design easily and instantly. These days, you do not require skills, competence or budget to develop a responsive or mobile websites from start to the need. Just decide on one of these plugins and install it and start to customize the end result corresponding to your brand requirements. It just takes a few clicks.

Let’s get into the best WordPress plugins to easily create a mobile-friendly website:

WPtouch mobile plugin

WPtouch mobile plugin provides various improved themes for blogs, companies, and WooCommerce retailers extension. This WordPress plugin is lightweight mobile website plugin allowing users to develop a mobile responsive website.

With this extensive range of customization choices and setting, you will be capable of making your website look closely how you want it. When visitors browse to your site from a mobile device, WPtouch mobile plugin automatically shows mobile-friendly version of your website. This indicates you will basically have a couple of versions of your site prepared to go all the times.

Truly, most of the audiences who is fresh to WordPress considers WPtouch mobile plugin as a well-coded solution providing the premium quality user experience.


•Advertising option
•Progressive web front controls
•Top notch
•One on one support



Any mobile theme switcher

The WordPress plugin Any mobile theme switcher detects a mobile browser and shows the theme as a setting is carried out from admin. It is handy to transfer to the mobile theme. You can decide on various mobile themes for all the mobile browsers. Also, choose different mobile themes according to your wish.


•Works with W3 Total Cache
•Consists of separate home page for mobile devices
•QR code for mobile bookmarking
•Better mobile Detection
•Click to call to phone numbers
•Mobile theme switcher


WordPress mobile pack

WordPress plugin WordPress mobile pack assists you to switch your site’s content into an advanced mobile web application. It appears with a different mobile app theme that lets you purchase separately or as a package.

After updating WordPress website with this plugin, your website looks and feels like a mobile app, but in reality, users still access it from their mobile browser. The WordPress Mobile Pack plugin provides you the best of both worlds with this one of a kind solution.


•Customize appearance
•App themes
•Responsive user interface


WP Mobile edition

WordPress plugin WP mobile edition is determined mobile website plugin for WordPress that contains suitable to help you develop a responsive web design for your mobile users. As mentioned by developers, it is a comprehensive toolkit that appears with the mobile switcher and various theme choices straight out of the box.

Also, it is lightweight plugin shops with an extensive range of theme customization choice and remarkable feature-rich plugin.


•Completely optimized to deliver exceptional performance to your website
•Compatible with iPhones, android devices and window phones
•Easy to use interface
•Let’s webmaster to completely customize the mobile website without coding a single line
•Comes up with mobile switcher functionality and standard mobile theme.


Mobile smart

Alike other mobile compatible plugins, Mobile Smart also operates by perceiving which device your audiences are using to explore your website from their mobile devices and displays an enhanced theme if it is a mobile device. This indicates, the plugin also includes template tags to help you out which is an exclusive feature of this powerful plugin.

Mobile Smart is an influential WordPress plugin allowing website developers to arrange an actually smart mobile-compatible browsing experience for their visitors. The plugin doesn’t only distinguish between desktop and mobile devices, but it also detects which layer of mobile device your website users are using.


•Image transcoding
•Domain switching
•Mobile pages
•Allows to change them to mobile ready theme


Jetpack’s mobile theme

WordPress mobile compatible plugin Jetpack’s mobile theme is one of the easiest tools allows to develop a mobile version of your WordPress website. If you are not technically attentive, then this mobile theme is an ideal way for setting up your mobile-optimized website instantly.

Also, this plugin doesn’t provide a lot of functionality. When you set it up and prepare to go, you are allowed to choose from a couple of customization choices and select whether you would like to show featured images and excerpt on the mobile device or not. If your mobile-friendly website is developed, your users can select whether they would like to see the desktop or the mobile version. A choice is shown on the screen to let users change among them.


•Traffic Growth
•Site management
•Content creation



MobileView consists of theme panel that allows you to decide from different customization choice to make the theme on your own. Also, it provides custom menus and various landing pages on the mobile version. Truly, this WordPress mobile compatible plugin is a faster and easier way to demonstrate your website to mobile users.

Besides, MobileView simply detects any mobile devices and can also add or exclude predefined pages for the mobile version. It also lets you change among desktop and mobile themes without any trouble. Additionally, the plugin allows to import or export the setting of theme panel.


•Automatically detect mobile devices
•Mobile theme panel
•Redirect or select various landing page for your mobile website
•Add or exclude some pages from mobile website viewing
•Custom mobile menu
•Mobile to desktop switcher
•Import or export panel setting


The final Touch,

These are some best WordPress plugin to create a mobile-friendly website easily.

So, which is your favored plugin?

Share your opinion about the plugin and help me to get your answer commenting in the box below. And, if you think this article is useful, do not forget to share it among your circle.