10 Definitive Pre-launch WordPress Website Checklist

wordpress web design checklist

WordPress Website development can be a daunting process if you build it for the one who does not have a specific requirement of what they desire. So, to rush on launching the website can be just a waste of time if not done properly.

Ready to launch your WordPress website?

Every day, thousands of new websites appear on the internet. So, you must be sure your website drives the smooth path from the start.  If you are professional WordPress developer, you will get yourself launching a website and checklist makes the website run smoothly. Whether you develop a website for your client or your personal purpose, developing and launching a WordPress website has a different story.

You need to carry out lots of work. Most of the process should be together to bring up a successful website. Taking concern of the many things, you need to go further to make the website live and working.

If you figure out the mistakes earlier, you can fix it before launching the website. To enhance the positive result with eventual success, it is ideal to understand everything that should be accomplished earlier than introducing your website to wide-ranging audiences.

So, get help from pre-launch website checklist and make sure you follow it perfectly. Then, celebrate the website launch day as the day of success for you and your clients.

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Find here pre-launch WordPress website checklist:

1. Install WordPress Backup Solution

In the technological world, nothing is certain. Anything you save can be deleted either accidently or due to some unfavorable reasons. So, make a habit of backup and do not forget to setup WordPress backup solution.  Truly, backup heals your website, if it gets badly hurt due to some undesirable condition. If anything goes against your desire, you can always fix it.

There are lots of decent and paid WordPress backup plugins that can be setup instantly. After that, be sure backups are automatically scheduled and are saved on a cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Good drive or so on. Among the backup plugin, BackupBuddy comes to my favorite as it is fast and simple to setup. Also, it helps to store your backups at a various place with the easiest restore process.

2. Review on Cross Browser compatibility

Remember, cross-browser compatibility is another essential WordPress website checklist. It checks and looks after every browser type along with all the devices.

If you are WordPress web developer, you must have already installed many popular browsers on your desktop to check the cross-browser compatibility. If not, do not worry, there are lots of online tools available for this purpose and helps you to check both responsiveness and cross browser compatibility.

3. Secure WordPress admin area

Recognized as the most admired Content Management System in the globe, WordPress usually comes into the eyes of hackers. Most of the WordPress website operates without worrying about these threats. But, it is better to be prepared than to regret later.

It is better to follow some procedures that make your website secure and prevent it from undesired attacks.

4. Make sure you complete all the open task

When building your website, you must have noticed open task, change request or any other notes that come up on your way. It is simple to ignore some of them, but not all. Make sure you complete all the open task.

Thus, earlier than you complete the Quality Assurance(QA) test, be sure you have to check your open item and confirm that everything is finalized. This makes you away from hassles of testing the website repeatedly.

5. Check your website for 404 errors

On your fresh and new website, 404 errors can bring up the poor user experience. So, be sure every page of your site loads properly and you do not have any missing links. If already link your website to Google Webmaster tools, discover the page providing 404 not found errors in your crawl report. This also appears to be an essential WordPress website checklist.

If your website is not linked with Webmaster tool or Google search Console, then manually browse your website, and ensure everything is fine according to your desire. When your website has lots of content, then give importance to major pages such as about, content, Signup, login and more.

6. Review each page

Earlier than you start website testing process, review each page. This WordPress website checklist lets you make sure all the essential components are placed on the website.

Explore every single page and check the visual appearance, functionality, readability and so on. The list below comes to your help:

  • Logo
  • Navigation bar
  • Images
  • Design
  • Text
  • Calls to action
  • Links
  • Header/Footer
  • Forms
  • Contact details
  • Maps
  • Popup
  • Widget
  • Social media
  • Logins
  • Sidebars and more

7. Check all forms on your website

While setting up email, another thing you should focus to assure that all the forms on your WordPress website are doing their jobs properly. Check all the forms and make sure they work as you expect. Also, you can confirm the email is on the right track by sending test emails.

If you are dealing with multiple authors or multiple user WordPress websites, then test your login and registration forms as well. Try logging in with various user roles and eradicate unwanted item from the WordPress admin area.

8. Purchase image

Earlier than you proceed towards WordPress website development stage, you must have reviewed the design and photos with website proprietor. Similarly, the main aim of the testing stage is to get signed off the client and all the essential components of a website that helps you minimize the revision time later.

So, if you get the go-ahead on the imagery of the website, validate every image that is purchased with suitable rights to use them on your site.

9. Ecommerce website

Ecommerce website should evaluate the user experience features of the website more carefully. At first, understand their interest and explore the products, add them to cart and keep on the testing transaction and be sure everything is okay and goes smoothly.

If you see online products, then be sure you deliver them instantly. Do not make your customer wait for a long time. For physical goods, you can check your system for easy ordering. Also, look at an invoice, shipping charges, tax, receipt and more.

10. Check SEO Setting

Developing a WordPress website does not make you success. To drive the road of success you should include SEO in your WordPress website checklist. Optimize your website to maximize the website traffic after you launch. I recommend Yoast SEO plugin as it is an inclusive website optimization software for WordPress.

To make your website visible to wide-ranging audiences, make sure you are doing everything properly. Find the WordPress SEO Plugin that takes care of all the essential SEO components. In addition, to make your website popular among wide-ranging audiences and discover relevant content, you should add all the page with feature image, keywords, categories for a better user experience.

Wrapping Up,

Now, you must be aware of pre-launch WordPress website checklist. After you complete all these checklists, trust me, you will feel accomplished. After that, you can launch your WordPress website and go for vacation.

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