Search Engine Optimization and its Benefits

Search Engine Optimization and its Benefits

Search Engine Optimization and its Benefits

So, are you aware of Search engine optimization?

Where do you search for the information about the nearest shopping mall within Sydney? Yes, you “Google” it, isn’t it? Okay, Okay some of you may use or, fine.


The main thing is you just open one search engine and type “nearest shopping mall Sydney” and within a fraction of seconds you pressed “enter”, your page is loaded with a list of results. Isn’t it amazing??


Have you ever wondered how the search engines are showing the result as per your query? And if you are the owner of such a shopping mall, it’s more imperative for you to know. Don’t worry; follow me till the end of this article and you will understand many things.

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the procedure of acquiring website traffic from organic, free, editorial or natural search results on different search engines.

With the increment of business, it is essential to know and carry out some basics of search engine optimization (SEO). There are different types of websites and articles available with makes it easy to drive your path towards the world of digital marketing and SEO.


Without access to high-level consulting an adequate experience understanding SEO resources can be trusted, there are lot of misrepresentation regarding SEO approaches and techniques.

Truly, SEO counts as one of the extensively accepted online marketing techniques due to its efficiency.

How Search engine works?

The internet is a great place to get the information you are looking for. If you are aware of the website address or URL of the website, you are able to get into the address bar together with the top of your browser.

But, what do you do if you are unaware of the URL?

The good news is you will find the web pages following the links from another page but mostly it is easy to search the things utilizing the search engine.

Also, there is some program that searches an index of the internet for the keywords and shows the result accordingly.

Now, you must be eager to know how these search engines work. Right??

So, let me first explain how a search engine works, search engines have one software called a crawler or spider (no wonder it’s called WEB), this spider or crawler crawls your website and gather information about your website. How these crawlers crawls your websites and how they store information is guided by their algorithm.  And how this algorithm works?

Well, no one knows except two founders of Google. And that’s no problem for us because we are concerned with how to make your website easy for that spider to crawl. We just need to follow the algorithm listed by Google and the process to help search engines to crawl easily in your website is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The information that the website crawler assembles together is utilized by different search engines. It comes up to the index of search engines. All the web pages mentioned b the search engines are explored by a web crawlers.

How to do Search Engine Optimization?

There will be a long list of steps but let me just list few basic and important steps for you:

  • Get one decent design and logo for your website
  • Have easy navigation
  • Try to upload recent information regularly
  • Avoid duplication of information
  • Don’t copy content from existing other website
  • Check and fix all broken links
  • Get user targeted contents
  •  Properly format your contents (like heading, bold, underline etc.)
  • Prioritize keywords of your contents
  • Optimize your site to load faster
  • Avoid hiding text contents within website
  • Check spellings an grammar
  • Ask developer to develop website considering SEO basics

Well, the list can go on and on and guess what? Search engine such as Google regularly update their algorithms and we need to optimize time and again as per their algorithm. What if we don’t optimize the site as per search engines?

So, the chances are that you may become invisible to your potential visitor in the internet world. If you don’t optimize your site, it’s like having your shop without any signboard in one crowded market. You are there but your potential client cannot find you. So to summarize in one sentence, SEO is all about putting your best foot forward in the internet market.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization:

Enhanced Traffic

Most of the top position websites on the pages of search engine results obtain a majority of clicks and impressions. So, ranking in the top position holds a significant role to boost website traffic for your website. SEO also emphasises developing informative and title tags together with Meta description that is shown in the result pages.

Also, having optimized tags as well as descriptions will help in increasing click via rate that indorses maximum qualified website traffic.


Any type of business you hold whether e-commerce or other business websites SEO offers trackable and measurable results. And, yes there are no doubts when it comes to ROI. Most of the SEO services are capable of tracking all the aspects of the strategy which counts on the enhancement of traffic, rankings and conversion.

Complete analytics also offers the capability to drill down at a granular level and check out the demographic information and other engagement metrics for individuals that interact with our website.

For online shopping website, most of the SEO service provider views the paths users cope with to accomplish the sale and every approach to the keywords they use for searching to purchase and for another website you can also use attribute values to increase the conversion.

Cost effective solution

SEO is one of the reasonably price online marketing solutions as it marks the users who are eagerly looking for your products and service online. Indeed, it is inbound nature that will help businesses save money as opposed to outbound approaches such as cold calling.

Now you might be thinking about cold calling. Well, it can still be a useful strategy that generates more than 61% leads produced by an inbound strategy such as SEO. Since SEO aims at users who are keen to search for products and services along with the increment in the traffic that results from SEO is more competent compared to other marketing techniques that also saves cost for the companies.

Enhanced website usability

Ever website proprietors want their website to be the best in today’s competitive world. To make your website easy to explore and navigate for different search engines, SEO concurrently helps to make your website measurable for customers too. SEO holds of rearranging the architecture of website as well as links that make page simple and easy to browse and navigate.

This does not only make it easy for a search engine to get your website and explore the web pages but also makes it simple for audiences to get the information on your website as well.

Brand Awareness

As most of the top position ranking result holds essential impression. To have your website on the top position on the search engine result pages transforms more disclosure for your web page. Also, to keep on the first page for your aimed keywords does not only help audiences to connect our brand with the keywords but also implants trust.

Since most of the SEO companies on the first page is generally professed to be more reliable. Yes, the more your website and articles ranking in a good position in the search engine, there will be more chance the user checks and explores the website. After the audiences explore your brand, users connect with your brand in no time.

Compatible over all the browsers

Most of the websites do not go along all the browsers.


When the website is completely optimized that includes complete validation there comes a high chance of working properly with all the browsers assuring a more number audiences. This makes users easy to browse from any browser they use.

Good for social media website

A website that holds high ranking and also acquires more in the different social networking websites. The connection between SEO and social media is very strong. The popularity in social media is better for SEO purposes and the online marketing approach comes up with more social media visibility and exposure.

Simply, you can gain traffic through social networking websites and the more you gain traffic you get good rankings on the social networking websites.

Wrapping Up,

Like what you read?

So, these are all about search engine optimization you should be aware of. The online landscape has updated dramatically over the few years, SEO is still a useful and essential online marketing approach.

You may be wondering that how it is possible for you to fully optimize your site on your own. Don’t worry, we are there for you.  We Aussie IT Group have accomplished SEO experts.  Contact us and get your website fully optimized.

What more? Book us now and get a free SEO Audit Report for your website. We are always available to serve you.