Are these things missing in your website homepage?

Are these things missing in your website homepage?

Are these things missing in your website homepage?

The first impression really matters, and the website homepage is the main page where your visitor lands on. Yes, for an impressive website, you must focus on the homepage.

Is your homepage impressive?

According to the research, the users spend more time exploring the website if they find the homepage attractive and comfortable to browse. So, it’s your duty to make it attractive along with engaging.
If you are still confused about making the website homepage impressive, do not worry, I am here for help.
Today, I am going to mention the most important things that your website may have missed. And, I am sure, the article will be useful to improve the digital footmark of your business making homepage impressive.

Now, let’s get into some must have things your website homepage:

1. Decent Logo

Does your company have a logo?? If not, be quick to make a beautiful logo.
Well, the logo has a great role in demonstrating the business online. It includes the major graphical illustration of the company’s brand.

Basically, the logo is the main face of the business, and it should be clear and unique. Better, place the logo on the top of the website.

2.Link with social media websites

Truly, social media plays an essential role in the online marketing business. These days, it has become a great platform to promote the company with maximum leads and followers.
We are all familiar with digital marketing, and the users are actively engaging on different social media websites to look for different things they desire. So, linking your business with different social media websites will surely make the site useful. Better use social media icons on the website homepage.

3.Easy and comfortable navigation

A website becomes completely useless without an understanding and easy navigation design.  Indeed, navigation design plays a great role to make the user comfortable exploring the website.

Better place the bar navigation that is simple and user-friendly. Be sure to add accurate navigation titles for internal pages of the website, such as about us, contact us, FAQ, services, blog, and more.

4.Contact Details

For instance, users visited your homepage, and now they want to contact you but cannot find the contact details. They surely get frustrated and will go for other service providers who are easy and simple to get in touch with.

Keeping some details on the homepage will let your potential customers contact you easily. Better make the contact details clickable and easy to copy and use. If you are busy and do not have time to pick a call, provide an email address assuring them to reply instantly.

Ensure you give instant replies to the emails as visitors do not desire to waste their time waiting for your reply to their query.

5.Relevant Call-to-Action (CTA)

The main aim of the homepage is to influence visitors, making them busy with your website and trying to switch them into your potential customers generating more leads. Therefore, design your homepage so that when users land on the page, they get the concepts of the type of action to deal with while exploring your web page.

Keep in mind, before you design CTA, you should be clear about the main aim of your CTA. Anything you wish, either you want them to fill a form, make them call, or register for some purpose, you should mention it clearly in the CTA button.

6.Client testimonial

If your website homepage contains Client testimonials, then surely you have the most influential weapon of trust. It is the most genuine way to show your users that you are trustworthy and really dedicated to the services you offer.

If you are offering great quality services and products to your clients or customers, request them or invite them to write how they feel about your company and the services you offered. This surely will be helpful to endorse your business online.

7.Benefits and features

At first, you have to find out the key features and distinguish your business from your competitors. After that, find the best services as well as products that your company provides. It is not necessary to mention what exactly your company deals with, but it is essential to mention what your company is about.

Almost every visitor desires to be aware of the advantages they get after accepting your business as their service provider. You should be capable of engaging them with your company.

8.Visually appealing images

Images have a great role in making a homepage attractive and engaging. Most of your users prefer to look for visually appealing images. According to the research, it is the best way to influence people and connect to your site.

So, assure, the image you use are clear and totally corresponds with the main theme of your site—better use high-quality images. You can also use the images of the previous works; you have accomplished.
Does your website homepage have all the elements mentioned above?

If your site has all the elements mentioned above, then you are doing well; keep it up. If not, now it’s time to think about redesigning your homepage.

As I have mentioned before, a homepage plays an important role in making your business impressive, which will definitely last forever. You exactly have a few seconds (about 8 seconds) to influence your users and make them stay and browse your site.

If you have any confusion or help to redesign your website, you can always remember us. We will be happy to work on your site and make your company engaging and comfortable for your targeted users.