Top 5 WordPress Theme Marketplaces

Top 5 WordPress Theme Marketplaces

Top 5 WordPress Theme Marketplaces

Developing an online store using WordPress has been easy these days.
But, what about developing a WordPress theme marketplace?

Well, there are lots of WordPress theme marketplace available. Thanks to them for making the website development work simple.
As we all know the growing Popularity of Content Management systems.

And we also know that WordPress is one of the best/Popular CMS for any kind of website. Matt Mullenweg, an American Online Social media entrepreneur and web developer who announced at the 2013 state of the world, WordPress powers now 18.8% of all websites.

An ideal theme marketplace is developed with a high conversion rate with more sales for your store. They also come up with front-end forms and templates for your registration, reporting pages, accounts assist in providing multi-vendor e-commerce stores a professional appearance and experience all over.

Anything you desire either develop a place where vendors list and sell their products online, you will not have any trouble providing your marketplace proficient design.

Developing a successful marketplace is everything about influencing the proper vendors and consumers and these WordPress themes can surely help you carry out those tasks without any effort.
If you want a WordPress theme and have no idea where to look at it!!

List Of Top 5 WordPress Theme Marketplace


Themeforest powered by Envato is one of the best and largest WordPress theme marketplaces with over 4 million members from all around the world.  It claims more than 10,000 themes and templates are updated on the website by more than 2500 publishers.

The maximum traffic website is an assured way to make some purchases when you are able to get approved themes. An amateur author keeps 50% of total sales, a commission that rises up to 70% the more you sell on your website.

You find over 4,500+ variety of WordPress themes with High quality, Professional and beautiful Responsive designs. You find themes for blogs, magazines, retails, non-profitable organizations, and entertainment with a starting price of $30.

2.Creative Market

Creative Marketplace is different from another marketplace like Themeforest, in that there is no review process.

Creative Marketplace provides customers with various WordPress themes and HTML templates. It allows designers to deal with WordPress themes and all manner of graphic design goods on their site.

Here, you are also allowed to upload your WordPress themes and start to sell with complete assurance of the theme that appears on the website. Yet, they receive a commission but provides you space online to sell and promoting your products.


It is another marketplace powered by Envato. CodeCanyon Market is a good place to purchase a WordPress theme. The quantity as quality of WordPress theme includes variety and multi-form enable to any online store built on the WordPress platform.

When you want to earn more money as a plugin developer, you have the choice to chiefly release premium plugins into WordPress plugin sources or attempt to sell the plugin on your website.

With the help of Code Canyon, you can get rid of the hassle of developing a premium model and you will instantly reach extensive users which is most probably the complicated part of selling your own plugins via the web.

4.CMS Smart Market

CMS Smart Marketplace is a perfect place for developers and Customers to sell and buys WordPress themes, Joomla, Magento themes and extensions. We can find many products for e-commerce websites. In the near future, WordPress will be their first priority theme to get close to their customers.

5.MOJO Theme

MOJO theme is yet another marketplace where you can find 850+ WordPress themes for Real states, blogs, e-commerce, magazine and more. On this site, the starting price of the theme is $25. The best of the MOJO themes is that all templates come with free support and Upgrades.

So, what are you up to?
These are the top 5 marketplaces where you can sell and buy a WordPress theme or any CMS theme. If you are a designer/developer with good skills and if your work is professional, then this is a top 5 place where you can show your skill and earn a lot of money.
Are you selling your own and making your products non-exclusive on all the markets? How are you selling your WordPress products?
Let us know by commenting in the box below.
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