Top Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers

Top Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers

Top Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers

You can find lots of browsers. Here, Chrome extension for website designers and developers provides you with more than enough value to include all the design and development necessities. By including the extension, you can expand the browser’s functionality further using free Chrome extensions.

Based on your requirement and picking an ideal extension, you can easily build a personalized working circumstance that will progress your efficiency. There are lots of outstanding browsers that gradually integrate more extensions, plugins and add-on. It is usually developed by the users which assist them more influential and help to enhance the production.

The article demonstrates an ideal Chrome extension that is available for free and easy installation. I have mentioned the tools useful for designers and developers, hope you will find them supportive.

Find here top Chrome extensions for web designer and developers

1. SnappySnippet

A DevTools extension SnappySnippet extracts CSS and HTML from a preferred DOM subtree that lets you send a code to CodePen, jsFiddle or JS Bin.


  • Clean up HTML removing unwanted attributes and fixing indentation
  • CSS optimization to make it readable
  • Completely configurable
  • Operates with before and after pseudo components

2. MagiCSS

A live CSS editor Chrome extension with an integrated editor MagiCSS will revamp and minify your CSS. It can also build GitHub Gist.


  • Live editor for CSS and LESS code, you can see preview of updates while coding
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Autocomplete for CSS selectors, attributes and values
  • Color selector
  • Switch code from LESS to CSS
  • Beautify/ Format Code
  • Minify CSS code
  • Highlight DOM components corresponding the CSS selectors

3. Responsive Web Design Tester

It is an instant and simple way to test your responsive site. Through a responsive web design tester, you can instantly preview your responsive site at the screen size they are seen on mobile devices.


  • Includes presents for various website
  • Supports both internal and external network
  • Add your own device if you are unable to find anything that suits your requirements

4. Window Resizer

Chrome extension Window Resizer is used to resize the browser window to match different screen resolutions.


  • Completely customizable resolution list
  • Set window’s position
  • Apply new dimension to complete window
  • Customizable global key shortcuts

5. WordPress style editor

Using a WordPress style editor, you can review the WordPress stylesheet and build direct updates to your CSS’s theme.


  • Inspect theme styles
  • Made modification to CSS

6. Page Ruler

Through a Page ruler, you can draw to receive pixel size and position, then measure the components of the website.


  • Draw ruler to any of your desired page and check width, height and other positions
  • Drag the edges of the rules and resize it
  • Use arrow keys to place and resize the ruler
  • Display guides expanding from the ruler edge
  • Navigation from any measured element

7. Write well

The remarkable writing software Write well is a handy Google extension to start the writing project. It provides different template libraries along with the layout, tips, samples and proper phases to direct you through the writing course.


  • Popular templates for small business
  • Popular education templates

8. Dimensions

Dimensions are one of the top Chrome extensions for web designers to measure screen size. It is ideal to measure the distance between website components.


  • Measure buttons, input fields, text, icons and more. Also, measure everything available in the browser.
  • After your designer handover, the mockup just stimulates the dimension and start to measure.
  • Start and stop dimension using ALT + D shortcut
  • Use ALT to measure the dimensions and linked area

9. Font Playground

Most website designers and developers find Font Playground helpful. The beauty Chrome extension allows you to test local font and all the libraries of Google fonts on the website without any actual updates.


  • Various font weights, styles and text effects
  • Visualize your web page prior you implement the updates
  • Highlight selected selector
  • Update setting for CSS selector
  • Preview local fonts
  • Add text-transform
  • Add text size

10. ColorZilla

ColorZilla is one of the widespread Firefox developer extensions which is now available in Chrome. Through this extension, you acquire colour reading from anywhere in your browser, instantly change colour and paste it into other applications.


  • Eyedropper lets you get the color of all the pixel in the website
  • Advanced color selector
  • Ultimate CSS gradient Generator
  • Website color analyzer
  • Keyboards shortcuts
  • Palette viewer
  • Color history of recently selected colors
  • Select color at any zoom level

11. Web developer Checklist

The chrome extension Web developer checklist makes sure all the pages on the website follows best SEO practices. For an instance, meta titles or any other components are missing, then, the extension notifies you. Then, you can fix the problem instantly.


  • SEO checklist
  • Mobile checklist
  • Usability
  • Environment integration
  • Performance

The Final Touch,

These are the top Chrome extensions helpful for web designers and developers to carry out their work smoothly. I hope you will find them helpful and they come to your help to acquire the desired results. If you know more chrome extensions apart from these, share with me commenting in the box below.