Top 10 Ways To Build an Inspiring Web Design

Top 10 Ways To Build an Inspiring Web Design

Top 10 Ways To Build an Inspiring Web Design

How do you build an inspiring web design?

Do you think a website is only created for a business purpose?

No, Websites are not only destined for business purposes; some people build a website to share their talents, passion, and ideas. And, inspiring web design helps you to get the complete advantage of your web design venture.

So, it is essential to turn up with an impressive web design appealing with an easy navigation design to explore. For the visitors, the website also acts as a physical store. Due to this, you need to create an impressive website that is more appealing and user-friendly. Similarly, if you are a web designer developing client’s website. Make sure you plan properly and design the web page carefully.

Nevertheless, do not only focus on your landing page. An inspiring web design is just more than you. It would help if you focused on the widespread workflow of your page that makes your site visually appealing and function along with easy navigation. So, follow all the guidelines to get the most out of your navigation design. Hence, easy navigation design makes users browse all the web pages without any trouble.

Check out the top ways to build an inspiring web design:

1. Visualize, plan and stick with your thoughts

You may think it is noticeable, but most web designers work on web page design through Photoshop. Truly, at present, most of the works are completed digitally. Yet, it is ideal to start your website design using pen and paper.

It may be not easy to find better than this. Just imagine how you like to design the website. Earlier than converting your thought into the layout concept, think about the content you wish to update on your website.

Then, imagine how your layout appears to be. This helps to figure out lots of sensations and errors, and it is idyllic to work on this feature using pen and paper. Afterwards, ask yourself how you like to combine the layout with functionality.

Yet again, this will stimulate maximum trial and error till you ultimately get what you desire.

2. Think about top-level Framework first

While working on your first sketches, you consider the optimum level of the framework that solves or even avoid the design issues that you meet on the way.

This indicates you need to focus on UI (User Interface) earlier than UX (User Experience).  Make sure you research and practice UI design guidelines. Follow these stages to make your UI design process easy:

  • Capture user experience. This includes research on the use cases, goals of users and common issues
  • Approaching with UI pattern that is in unification with UX, but may not be necessary to the UX
  • A visual appeal that arranges the part properly
  • Usability Tests

3. Use Grid to your PSD

Yes, it may sound basic. Yet, before starting your design in Photoshop, you should have a grid that works as your guide. It’s totally your wish. If you do not like it, do not use a grid. Still, your design may not look inspiring without the grid since the grid helps you stand your aspiring design on various parts.

In addition, it directs you to the endorsed screen size as it guides you with the templates that are both responsive and in conjunction with spacing and other problems linked to the web page design.

4. Determine the typography that you are planning to use

Even though it is usually true that you should not use more than two types of typography for your website design, however, you always have the selection for more or even less. Nevertheless, taking your choice along the way, focus on deciding the font that is easy to read mostly when used in the long text. Be bold with your research and testing. If you want to keep bold fonts on your website, find it and keep it.

5. Recognize and classify your color theme

Along with focusing on the font type you are planning to use, find the colour themes you are willing to use on the website. If possible, do not make a huge selection. Just make sure you choose up to 4 colours. Do not go beyond.

Usually, it is better to select 2 essential colours that are clear and bold. And, two other colours which must match the two main colours. If you are interested in choosing more colours, be sure you do not choose the same category.

It can be helpful if you give sufficient white background that pleases the eyes of your website visitors.

Follow these tips to find the right color combination for your web design

  • Mention your company’s brand. To mention your client’s brand color structure is the easiest ways for you to decide on the right color for your site. If not, you can also employ it as your reference to look for other colors that correspond and suit the colors for your business website.
  • Next thing that helps you decide the right color for your site theme is to base it about your infographic. For an example, if your infographic tells about apples, you can apply red colors. This makes informative infographic making your theme suitable.
  • Get an indication of nature. Also, decide on the color relevant to nature. Also, find the colors that signify the seasons. Anything you choose, make sure you do not move beyond to four colors.

6. Divide the Layout

Keep in mind; simple website structure makes the navigation easy. So be sure to create a link between the design and its effect on those who explore it.

Similarly, be sure that kind of website layout helps to emphasize its most essential features. Here, you can bring up the easiest form of design for a modest purpose. After going further, you can include more elements that are essential.

Explore some most commonly used types of web design layouts:

  • Two column, Wide header

Without any doubt, it is most commonly used the layout that you get on the web. This is now a more stylish and inspiring web page design. The layout contains a wide header which is normally 960px long, with two columns that are one wider and the other narrow. Here, the narrow side mainly functions as the navigation panel. Often, in a blogging website, the navigation column is situated on the right side.

  • Three column, Wide header

You must have noticed. This is the layout mostly used by WordPress and bloggers.  If you do not like the above layout, you can make this your best choice. After its name, the layout is equipped with 3 columns. The two narrow columns are mostly used for navigation, whereas the width columns are ideal for placing the content.

  • Four Boxes

This layout is mostly used on products and news blogging websites. It appears with an extensive header that executes from end to end. Also, other wide boxes that operate as a header and three columns that consistently dwell on the screen. The larger box is mostly employed to demonstrate the website’s products or the area where articles are located.

  • Undefined Grid

This layout is most commonly encouraged by the common grid layout. It consists of a wider header that encloses the navigation components located across the website’s width.

  • Large Screenshot

This layout involves a large screenshot that is situated instantly below the header. Often there are between 2-4 grid relevant boxes next to the screenshot. Here, you can place the information about the products.

  • Single columns

This is the most preferred layout for microblogs that uses the simplest design principles. The single and centre column is narrow with the footer with navigational components.

  • Featured Image

This is most widespread for a smartphone app developer. The layout includes using a large image on either side of the page and a single column where the contents are located.

  • Fixed Sidebar

After its name, this precise layout is used on the fixed sidebar where all the navigation components are discovered. Conversely, its main column consists of all the contents.

  • Grid Based Gallery

Most web designers and photographers prefer this layout as it also works as their portfolio website. This includes the usage of header, headlines and the grid-based image gallery.

  • Magazine Style Layout

This layout is perfect if you are looking for visually rich. Usually, the content of this layout is managed based on their sparkle. The recent stories or articles are kept in the largest box beneath the header, and the older one is in the second box. Also, you can find other content on the page in the small post box.

7. Innovate and challenge the established

One of the essential things to keep in mind as a website designer focuses on comfortable navigation design. Sometimes, this may put you to encounter the standard. Also, it is essential to access the present web design and encounter its significance. This surely assists in bringing out the website design suitable for the necessity of the present times.

8. Be focused on the details

This is not only applicable for the website design but also necessary for all the jobs. Nevertheless, as a website designer, it is essential to focus on every detail and milestone.

Are you okay with the features? Are all the components in the applicable places? These are some questions that you need to deal with to improve your design.

9. Give all the components equal importance

It would help if you thought about every component of your website design, giving it equal importance. Think about the features that make you apart from the competitions. So, ensure you focus on all the features and functionality you wish to include on the website. Pick the fresh and well-admired layout and components as the poor-quality layout and component may leave your business with a bad impression.

10. Improve your design

Above the appealing feature of your website design, there is a specific thing that you should focus on for the improvement of the website. For instance, if you wish your website free from blurry pixels, be sure about the contrast between contextual colour and stroke.

In addition, there are lots of other aspects you should focus on. The main point is you should reconsider every inclusive element you find.

The Final Point,

I hope now you are familiar with the top ways to create an inspiring web design. In today’s digital age, having an inspiring web design is necessary for almost all business sites and blogs. So, make sure you have an appealing website for your business.

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