Top WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Blog

Top WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Blog

Top WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Blog

Are you willing to improve your blog’s visibility?

Looking for a compatible solution?

I have been working on a blog for quite a long time. And, to maintain the blog has been very troubling before. Afterwards, I got introduced to the WordPress website and plugin, which made my life easier. Really, WordPress plugins are easy to install to make it hassle-free for you to integrate socially determinant functionalities on your blog.

If you are a blogger or business owner looking for a simple way to improve your blog, just follow me until the end. Here, I will introduce you to some WordPress plugins that will improve your blog experience based on my experience.

Updating your WordPress website with the right plugins will benefit your website with maximum visitors and followers. As a business proprietor, you surely wish your content to become popular. There are so many social networking channels, and it is ideal for including the recent plugins.

Check out top WordPress plugins to improve your blog:

Blog2Social to share your blog posts automatically

Today, sharing a new blog post on social networking website has become compulsory. Everyone creates a blog post to get more exposure. Right??

But, posting from your blog to your social networking platform might be a time-consuming and daunting process. Here, Blog2Social comes to your help. It allows you to automatically schedule and shares your new post to your social networking platforms.

Free Features:

•Automatically share a blog post
•Customize post
•Manage your blogpost
•Select & Share images
•Keep the overview
•Re-share old post

Premium Features:

•Social media Auto-Poster
•Best Time scheduler
•Schedule your post on a network level
•Follow the link in your dashboard to the shared post
•Easily connect multiple profiles
•Connect multiple users

Social streams

WordPress plugin Social streams allow highlighting your Twitter and Instagram feeds straight to your website. It is a simple and free plugin powered by Social Streams that automatically shows recent tweets and posts.

It also facilitates you to gather conversation from your own content or via other applicable hashtags. This integrates eye-catching images and conversation to your content along with maximum followers.


•Streams Twitter and Instagram
•Simple and easy to use and manage
•Full-Page Event Stream
•Short-code integration
•Smart Integration with WordPress

Better Click to Tweet

Simple Twitter sharing plugin Better Click to Tweet allows you to build tweetable content from your blog post that users can share with their circle. After the reader clicks on the box within your post, a pre-populated tweet with the article link appears, shared on the Social media website Twitter.


•Completely customized
•Easily removes “via.”
•Carefully eliminate the URL from the resulting Tweet
•For SEO mindful gives a no-follow link

Instagram Feed

If you wish to integrate your Instagram profile with your site in an attractive way, the plugin Instagram feed comes to your help. It provides a mind-blowing layout and influential functionality. This plugin comes up with free and pro version features.

Also, your feed, by default, will suit the style of your WordPress website, but you are still allowed to customize it. For instance, you can pick the number of images and columns together with the size of the images. The responsive web design layout and goes well with all mobile devices.


•Simple and easy to set up
•Shows images from multiple Instagram account in a similar feed or a separate feed
•Fully responsive design
•Use built-in shortcode options


•Boost social integration
•Save time
•Display content per your desire
•Keeps your website fresh and updated
•Simple to set up

Pin It Button

There are lots of social media platforms. Among them, Pinterest attracts a unique crowd with its idea. Here, users can build boards that become sources of interesting products. To inspire users to pin your content, offer a Pin It button with your post.

Using the free version of the Pin It Button, users can decide on the image they are willing to pin even though it lets you preselect a default image. Also, you get the option to customize the size, shape, and colours of buttons.


•Allows the reader to pick the image while pinning
•Pre-select an image for users to pin
•Default to the first image within the post
•Specify the specific image to pin for each post
•Pick from official button colours and sizes
•Add button to your sidebar or footer as a widget
•Using shortcode, you can keep the button anywhere you like

WP Facebook Open Graph protocol

This WordPress plugin integrates properly executed, and precise Facebook Open Graph Meta tag details towards your website. The concept is to have slight settings and choices to stay as per your way and in the background that provides an influential Open Graph plugin for your WordPress website. The plugin goes along with Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In and more.


•Image handling
•Title and description
•Testing your website
•Plugin Roadmap


WordPress plugin Shareaholic is free and is defined as an all in one content extension platform. It allows you to add sharing buttons to the top social networking website, making it easy for readers to share a blog post. You will really enjoy easy to use and install features of this plugin.


•Mobile optimized
•Built for scale
•Fast and secure
•Produce Revenue
•Follow buttons
•Affiliate Links
•Social Analytics

Simple Social Icons

Free WordPress plugin Simple Social Icons make it simple to show social media icons on your blog that connect with your profiles. Also, it lets you customize the icons, size, and colour along with the placement on the web page.

By adding social media links to your blog, you can invite users to take a glance at your profile, and if your content attracts them, then they can become your regular followers as well.


•Easy to use
•Customizable way to show icons
•Easily choose a profile to link
•Customize the colour and size of the icon
•Insert social icons in any widget area

Wrapping Up,

Truly, integrating your WordPress website with the right plugin helps to bring more visitors and subscribers. As a website proprietor, you surely wish to get the most out of your content. With many social networking websites and updates on the search, it is perfect for including your recent plugins.

You must be looking for the maximum visibility of your website. Right?? Use these ideal WordPress plugins and let me know through comment whether these plugins worked for you or not.