These 7 Little Known Apps Are A Must Have For Entrepreneurs


Technology is something entrepreneurs have embraced for an easier life

Thanks to the numerous mobile applications such as Signeasy, Evernote and Google Keep, the daily life of an entrepreneur has become a whole lot easier. With such apps as Signeasy in the market, there is absolutely no way that you, as an entrepreneur, will drive over fifty miles just to write your name along the dotted lines of a document that you had forgotten to sign. What’s more, this is not the end! Application developers are regularly striving to make life easier for the entrepreneurs with the development of new apps.

Here are some apps that have been recently developed (and underrated by critics) that are sure to come in handy for ensuring a simpler and more efficient life for the entrepreneurs in the stiff, competitive business world.

1. Splashtop Business


This is the ultimate network offline app. When you link this app with your PC it will enable you to access CAD/CAM, Quicken, IE, Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and all similar legacy corporate applications remotely as if you were sitting down right in front of your computer.

2. Top Business Plan


Think of it: How much time have you spent drafting a business plan? How much do you invest on a business plan that needs to be written and still end up on the disappointing side? Using this app, you can develop a successful business draft regardless of your industry vertical. With this app, your business plan will be given a professional look and numerous beneficial options.

3. Tiny Scan


Forget about the tedious process of manually scanning your documents. With this app, and the use of your camera, you can scan documents and send them as JPEG or PDF formats while on the go. The best part about this app is that it allows you to scan a document anywhere, anytime. The only thing you need is that constant companion device of yours you use for making calls. June 2014 was when the latest version of this app was developed and it is set to take the business world by storm.

4. Timeful


An iOS app, this is the best application for managing your to-do list. By using its algorithms, the app is able to study the probabilities and patterns of the various things that you do. This means that even if you forget to add an activity to your list, and you have done it before, the app will be able to recognize it and remind you of the same.

5. QuickBooks Invoice Manager


Do you already make use of QuickBooks on your PC? If so, then this is one app you would definitely be wanting to work with. It allows you to monitor everything and then sync it with the PC version, thus updating all information in the process. All of this while you are on the go. Send invoices, track sales, and keep note of payments from your phone itself with the help of this invoice manager app from QuickBooks.

6. Herematch


If you are worried about a lack of good individuals in your business network, here is an app that will help you overcome the shortcoming. Simply sync it with your LinkedIn account and you can attend networking events from where you can easily build up networks. While attending such an event, simply sign in with your app and it will automatically link with people relevant to your business. One condition: those other individuals in the network need to have an account on the app.

7. Business Letters Free


Here is an app containing as many as a thousand business letters covering almost every single important business topic. When you are short of time for properly drafting a business letter you can simply fall back on a sample from this app that meets your specifications, edit it and save a lot of time in the process.

So we have come to an end of the list of new and underrated apps that will guarantee less stress for an entrepreneur. Try them, you are sure to enjoy working with the lot. If you are looking for a change from the old way of conducting business- the eight hour drag in front of the computer, continuous moving around for scanning and photocopying documents- these apps will come in very handy! Get half your day’s work done even before you enter the office.

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