Top 10 IT Billionaire


Are you aware of IT Billionaire around the globe? What industry makes them rich? Did they accede to their money or they are self-made?

To solve all your queries, here I have listed Top 10 IT billionaire all over the world.

Here we go:

1.Bill Gates (Cofounder, Bill & Medina Gates Foundation)


Net Worth: $81.8 Billion

Age: 60

Source of Wealth: Microsoft, Self Made

Residence: Medina, WA

Marital Status: Married

Children: 3

Education: Drop Out, Harvard University

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington in a rich family. His father was a lawyer and his mother served on the board of directors for First Interstate Bank and the united way. Bill Gates use to believe that you can achieve your goal and target if you intelligent and know how to use your intelligence with hard work.

Through which he is now an American business magnet, investor, computer programmer, inventor, etc. He is also the chief executive and chairman of world’s largest personal computer software company called Microsoft which he co-founded with Paul Allen. With a net worth $76 billion, he has returned to the top spot in the list of world’s richest man after 4 years.

2.Jeff Bezos (CEO and Founder, Amazon.com)


Net Worth: $70.4 Billion

Age: 52

Source of Wealth: Amazon.com, Self Made

Residence: Seattle, WA

Marital Status: Married

Children: 4

Education: Bachelor of Arts/Science, Princeton University

Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to a teenager mother, Jacklyn Gise Jorgensen, and his biological father, Ted Jorgensen. Bezos set up the office for his fledgling company in his garage where, along with a few employees, he began developing software. They expanded operations into a two-bedroom house, equipped with three Sun Micro stations, and eventually developed a test site.

After inviting 300 friends to beta test the site, Bezos opened Amazon.com, named after the meandering South American River, on July 16, 1995.  He is An American business magnet and inventor and a technology entrepreneur of e-commerce as the founder and CEO of Amazon.com with worth net US$30.5 billion.

3.Mark Zuckerberg (Cofounder,Chairman & CEO, Facebook)


Net Worth: $55.7 Billion

Age: 32

Source of Wealth: Facebook, Self Made

Residence: Palo Alto, CA

Marital Status: Married

Children: 1

Education: Drop Out, Harvard University

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984 and grew up in the suburbs of New York. From his childhood he got interested in programming. He is the youngest billionaire with net worth US$ 33.1 billion. He created a social network site called Facebook with his friends that now has I billion monthly active users.

He is an American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur and also the chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Inc. He receives a 1 dollar salary as a CEO of Facebook. Through his great effort and hard work now people around the world can easily keep in touch with all their relatives and friends.

4.Larry Ellison (CEO and Founder, Oracle)


Net Worth: $48.4 Billion

Age: 72

Source of Wealth: Oracle, Self Made

Residence: Woodside, CA

Marital Status: Divorced

Children: 2

Education: Drop Out, University of Chicago; Drop Out, University of Illinois

Larry Ellison is founder of one of the world’s largest software companies Oracle.

Are you aware of Oracle?

Well, Oracle largely compacts in software that you perhaps may not use. The software is called Database software for businesses and government, supposed as ‘middleware’ that helps software developers develop their own programs, and workstation competence software are the most effective in the Oracle. The company is second only to Microsoft is software use wide-reaching.

Ellison was at one time the most extremely paid CEO in the globe. He holds a Hawaiian island (Lanai), is married and divorced four times, and he was good friends of Steve Jobs.

5.Larry Page (CEO, Alphabet)


Net Worth: $39.8 Billion

Age: 43

Source of Wealth: Google, Self Made

Residence: Palo Alto, CA

Marital Status: Married

Children: 1

Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of Michigan; Master of Science

Larry Page was born on March 26, 1973 in East Lansing, Michigan, United States. Larry Page’s parents were both computer experts, so it was not surprise that he studied computer engineering at Stanford University.

There he met Sergey Brin and together they developed a search engine that listed results according to the popularity of the pages, calling it “Google.” It has become the world’s most popular search engine, averaging nearly 6 billion searches daily in 2013. As of 2014, Page’s personal wealth is estimated to be US$ 32.2 billion. He is an American business magnet, computer scientist and the chief executive officer of Google.

6.Sergey Brin (President, Alphabet)


Net Worth: $38.8 Billion

Age: 43

Source of Wealth: Google, Self Made

Residence: Los Altos, CA

Marital Status: Divorced

Children: 2

Education: Master of Science, Stanford University; Bachelor of Arts / Science

Sergey Brin was born on August 21, 1973, in Moscow, Russia. His family immigrated to the United States. There is met Larry Page at Stanford University, and the two created a search engine that would sort web pages based on popularity. They named it “Google” which is now become the most popular search engine in the world.

He is also known as an American computer scientist and internet entrepreneur. His personal wealth was estimated to be US$ 30 billion.

7.Jack Ma (Founder, Alibaba)


Net Worth: $28.5 Billion

Age: 52

Source of Wealth: Alibaba, Self Made

Residence: Hangzhou, China

Marital Status: Married

Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute

Jack Ma has developed e-commerce firm Alibaba into a behemoth. Its IPO in New York in 2014 set a record as the largest public stock all over the globe. The company has made a strip of deals in recently, investing in movies such as “Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation,” making a sports division with Chinese partners and initiating an online portal with U.S. department store Macy’s. It has also developed a cloud computing business.

8.Steve Ballmer (CEO, h3)

Net Worth: $27.5 Billion

Age: 60

Source of Wealth: Microsoft, Self Made

Residence: Hunts Point, WA

Marital Status: Married

Children: 3

Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Harvard University; Drop Out, Stanford University

In 1980, Steve Ballmer dropped out of business school at Stanford to join his Harvard friend Bill Gates at Microsoft as the company’s first business manager. At that time his earning was $50,000 and a stake in the company.

After that, he upgraded his post from business manager to CEO during his time at Microsoft, and that early palisade in the company paid off generously: He’s only the second person, not including founders and their family, to ever become a billionaire from employee stock options.

These days, he’s no longer with Microsoft. He salaried $2 billion in a deal to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers back in 2014.

9.Ma Huateng (Cofounder Tencent Holdings)


Net Worth: $25.2 Billion

Age: 45

Source of Wealth: Internet Services, Self Made

Residence: Shenzhen, China

Marital Status: Married

Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Shenzhen University

Ma Huateng from China is also popular as as Pony Ma. He is cofounder of Tencent Holdings which was established in 1998 and as its chairman and CEO has managed it to be one of the online giants of the country. The Hong Kong planned company is dynamic in social media, online commerce and games.

Also, mobile texting service fro WEChat has some 760 million customers. In June, Tencent directed a confederation to purchase 85% of game maker Supercell, primarily from Japanese firm Softbank, for approximately $8.6 billion.

10.Michael Dell (Chairman and CEO, Dell)


Net Worth: $19.9 Billion

Age: 51

Source of Wealth: Dell Computers, Self Made

Residence: Austin, TX

Marital Status: Married

Children: 4

Education: Drop Out, the University of Texas at Austin

In July, shareholders permitted the almost $60 billion merger among Dell Technologies. And, the computer storage massive EMC, proclaimed in October 2015; it was accomplished in September 2016. The compact was the consequence of Michael Dell’s long expected strategy to accelerate his company’s existence in the cloud computing business, which is conquered by Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Dell initiated his personal computer company with $1,000 in his University of Texas dorm room in 1984 at the age of 19. Currently he possesses a 70% stake in the company, but most of his treasure lies in his personal investment firm, MSD Capital, which consist the investments in Grand Central Terminal in New York City and, as of August 2016, a stake in the varied martial arts promoter Ultimate Fighting Championship, bought from the Fertitta brothers for $4 billion.

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