Top Marketing Secrets From Brand that Acquire Content Marketing

Top Marketing Secrets From Brand that Acquire Content Marketing

Top Marketing Secrets From Brand that Acquire Content Marketing

As reported by the content marketing institute, 85% of most effective B2C marketers enclose oversees content marketing strategy relative to 50% of the least effective B2C peers. According to the study, understanding content marketing is one of the perfect ways for the business to get in touch with today’s consumers.

Are you aware of content marketing?
To clear your confusion, let me start with an introduction to content marketing, and I will assure you this technique is one that certainly deserves a place to promote your business in the world of the web.

Also, content marketing conveys the strategy of narrow-casting where the brand is emphasised more on a smaller, core group of potential and high-quality customers.
Even though we all are aware of the importance of content marketing, many agencies in Sydney are still struggling to carry out the content marketing strategy smoothly.

If you get yourself in this situation, you can get advice from the leading content marketing experts of the globe. From their advice, you can drive your content marketing path effectively in today’s competitive world.

So, let’s proceed towards the brands that comes up with effective content marketing strategy:


Key Takeaway: Allow users to interact on the go
Do you know luxury customers are really busy?
They might go for business or refreshment and depend on their mobile device to explore around. Gucci developed a shoppable magazine to make them familiar with the products, allowing customers to shop during their busy time as well.

Besides, the magazine features fashion images and tips that demonstrate Gucci’s social feeds and allows them to formulate product wish lists. If customers are willing to get the products, they can explore the navigation and look at the store locator.

Ge Reports 

Key Takeaways: Go Multimedia friendly
You can feel the presence of GE in your day to day life in terms of cooking ranges, light bulbs and carry out similar cursive logo.

Yet, GE is more compared to the light bulbs. They develop jet engines, power plants, precision medical equipment and more.

So, now the question is, do you think content marketing is important here? Yes, it is important making the technology interesting, fun and relevant.

Omega Watches 

Key Takeaway: Promote for a cause
On the Social media site Facebook page of Omega watch, they simultaneously promoting, demonstrating the company’s history with dealing with watches geared to women.

The brand updates images that enclose women wearing different types of Omega watches. It is not only pointing itself as a seller of women’s watches but showcasing its feminist root too.


Key Takeaway: Promote user participation
In 2013, Jaguar initiated venture #MyTurnToJag, named on customers to describe why they have to get a chance to test drive the brand new F-type convertible.

The campaign resided mainly in a Facebook page that enclosed posts, tweets, Instagram images and pair of Vines, offering that Jaguar, which contains an avid fan base keen to support the brand widely.

By the end of 2014, the brand came up with Why Jaguar, a part of its website detailing its car model and consumer images. The luxury car dealer asks over users to present their images and reviews and pompously show them off on its website.

Disney Baby 

Key Takeaway: Don’t be late to pitch your stuff
Yes, Disney comes up with lots of fun colours and childhood memories. Disney baby includes the baby merchandise division of Disney taps within deep treasure trove content that Disney enclose to get involved more than years to carry ‘Disney Magic’ that keep babies engaged in new stuff.

Also, the Disney Baby blog assembles topical content with a smart content marketing approach. Personal voices are specified precedence on outright marketing pitches. Most blogs arrange the links back to the audiences who explore the blog and may become the customer. Those customers may be parents who are willing to buy for their children.

Turkey Hill Ice Cream

Key Takeaway: Work with fun
Introducing customers with delicious ice-cream you may think Turkey hill ice cream does not have to implement content marketing approach. The brand is blooming itself.


Turkey hill is aware of developing engagement communities all over its brand with its cracker of a blog. In fact, the blog focuses more on ice creams along with different mouth-watering ways of eating them, preparing them an assembling them with other foods and more. These are the essential things that ice fans are keen to get familiar with.

Yes, these articles makes very interactive blog post and community all over the blog corresponding to the type of content that comes up with. It also emphasises some of the local events and quizzes, content from customers, and much more.

Johnson & Johnson 

Key Takeaways: The personal touch
You must be familiar with the brand Johnson & Johnson, right??

Well, if healthcare is your major concern, then this brand come up to your expectation. On the blog section of Johnson & Johnson, you can find respected authority figure in every matter based on health and infant care to extend its customers.
Also, it connects with great brand global organisation to strengthen its arrangement as the go-to medical brand of selection. In place of outsourcing the content to others, everything is mentioned by the employees who utilise the blog to discuss their personal areas. This gives a real feeling to customers than those blog posts from the outsourced writer.

 Louis Vuitton

Key Takeaways: Show your influencer
You follow a content marketing approach to your brand to influence customers towards your venture.

So, do you think this works?

Better take a glance at them and think about how influences interact with your brands.  Here, in the website you can find the company post along with the images of celebrities wearing Louis Vitton clothes and walking all over carrying its bags.

Besides, the trendsetter finds out what is suitable at the present moment. So, influencers follow the page that demonstrates the products that are proceeding towards at the head of fashion too.

Whole Foods Market

Key Takeaway: Regular posts makes customers busy with your brands
To beat in today’s competitive circumstance; Whole Foods comes up with the brand promotion through its blog.

The probability that the user who explores the blog will return not purchasing Whole Foods’ arrangement as the champion of the health and eco-conscious customer is close to none.

With the blog post giving some knowledge to the consumers on eco-friendly to share healthy food recipes to devoted post regarding promotion and sales, this brand is ideal for branding, customer education and sale promotion.


Key Takeaway: Let editorial and audience flexibility
In 2010, one of the leading luxury brand LVMH came up with that describes a daily resource for the ethnically curious. Then, in 2001, the website was honoured as a Webby for the best fashion site and Clio for the best engaging site.

Still, after some watchful inspection, it is not clear the website gets branded. LVMH lets Nowness get its own resourceful and flowing voice.

Here, the contents are available without membership yet registered login allows users to curate their personal content through videos, images and articles.

Wrapping Up,
So, now you are aware of the top marketing secrets that every brand acquire content marketing. Content marketing is one of the great approaches that demonstrate your business. Yes, it is powerful weapon for the brands willing to upgrade their business through contents.

If you know any other brands that utilise content marketing as a powerful weapon to demonstrate your business online please let us know commenting in the box below.