Website Redesign Signs You Should Not Ignore

Website Redesign Signs You Should Not Ignore

Website Redesign Signs You Should Not Ignore

Are you aware of website redesign signs?

Do you remember the last date you updated the website?

If you did it before a year, then it’s time for the website redesign. With the updates and advancements on the web, website technology is constantly changing. You must update your website following the new trends and make your site compatible with the new mobile devices.

Based on the research, 75% of users will analyze the quality of your brand by looking at your website experience. So, it is wise to provide the best user experience making users comfortable to explore the website. After all, the website represents your online business and is the main gateway to reach a wider number of online customers.

In the digital world, nothing remains forever. Design gets updated quickly, and you need to cope up accordingly to make your strong place. So, sticking to the old website is not good as it may obstruct your way to online success and search engine visibility along with the conversions.

Looking at the same old business website for a long time, you must consider investing in new designs.

So, does your website really need a redesign?

A complete website redesign can take a longer time. Also, the process may take you out of budget as well. But, don’t worry, I have a solution for this. You can pinpoint areas of your website and figure out the features that you need to redesign. Then, get help to determine the choice that provides the most efficient solution. In addition, website redesign freshens your business. This procedure needs a strategic method associated with instant and durable business objectives.

Look at these Website redesign signs and update your website accordingly

1. Your website does not reflect your brand accurately

The first impression really counts, and your website brings out the first impression on various scenarios. Ensure your company is doing well to deliver the best experience with a visually beautiful, clean, and understandable website that goes along with your business core values.

Remember, if your business is in the phase of branding transformation, your website works as a major tool to facilitate the update. Your online identity totally attracts customer awareness of your brand. So, the user experience on your website should reflect the experience of engaging with the company members.

2. Mobile users aren’t engaging with the web solution

At the current moment, to have a mobile website is the word of luxury. Since then, things have changed, and we can see lots of progress around. These days, most of your total website visitors explore through tablet or smartphone, and you cannot ignore those users. If you are not developing a mobile responsive website, you will surely lose a huge part of mobile users.

For responsive check, test your website from different devices and explore keeping yourself in the visitor’s shoes. If you cannot see the text or get the information properly from your mobile devices, you must go for the website redesign. In addition, a mobile-optimized website falls under Google’s new mobile-friendly update, where Google enhances the ranks of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results.

 3. Your website has Flash animation

Previously Flash was considered as one of the outstanding website design tools. It was mostly used in the banner image to demonstrate every type of text and animation that was truly clean. Nevertheless, with the advancement in the technological world, most things are accomplished using HTML codes.

Flash is just old-fashioned as it does not point up correctly on most mobile and other portable devices. Also, search engine Google does not recognize it. If your website still contains a Flash banner, it’s time for a website redesign and update banner image.

4. The design looks messy and out-of-date

Presently, clean design is a fresh web design trend that every business website should follow. If your web solution looks messy with a troubling navigation menu, your users may be confused about exploring your website.

Goodbye to those Flash, long navigation menus and squeezing in the front page. Now, it’s time to get a clean design with minimalist style. If you are still hanging around those old trends, you need a website design.

Follow these biggest trends to get the most of your website:

  • Clean web design

Get into the approach “less is more.”

  • Flat design

Highlight on least usage of stylistic components. Yet, components like drop shadows, gradients, and textures bring out an illusion of three dimensions.

  • Material design

Serves on grid-based layouts, responsive website animations, and depth effects.

5. Your site is not converting any leads

 Ask Yourself:

  • Is your website informative?
  • Are your visitors getting the information they are looking for?
  • Is my web solution optimized to convert leads for every device?
  • Do I have a landing page that influences my targeted audiences to engage?

Your web solution is visually attractive and eye-catching, with all the applicable information about your business. But Are they reflecting your brand? Are they developing my customer base and helping your business grow? If your website does not bring any conversion and leads, website redesign should be your next step.

In addition, carrying out different website conversion analyses helps guide your requirement adjusted on the fresh web solution.

6. Your website does not have blog

Engaging and appealing content is the outstanding doorway to produce exposure or attention for a company. Here, a well-managed blog post helps to represent your content and make your website informative.

If your website does not have a blog, you miss a great opportunity to influence and get larger users. So, to make your users visit your website repeatedly, carry out recent offers and essential updates on the web solution.

If you do not desire to waste such an operative and simple way to recognize your audiences with your company and build more interactive relationships, think about adding a blog to your website solution.

7. Your website has outdated, narrow layout

Previously, using small images and text with a narrow design was cool where all the pages would fit on the screen. The concept was website audiences didn’t like scrolling. To have all the information on one page was more comfortable and easy. Due to this design style becoming outdated, this troubled user to browse the pages and get instant information.

Smartphone user needs to zoom to get the information and zoom out to explore other pages. This can be an annoying experience.  Presently, large images and text with longer pages are optimized for the users looking for instant information with less effort.

The Final Touch,

Your website is the main doorway to bring out a durable impression about your company and the brand. If you are getting your web solution against your expectations, get help from a reliable web design and digital agency. They help you choose the features you need to integrate into your website. Also, the pages to optimize and the appearance of the website that brings out remarkable brand recognition. This helps your business to flourish online.