Worst Web Design Features That May Break Your Business

Worst Web Design Features That May Break Your Business

Worst Web Design Features That May Break Your Business

Are you aware of web design features that break your business?

Building a website is easy, but adding good web design features needs lots of research and knowledge on the website. Web design is the main thing that comes to mind while making the website online. It takes lots of time and dedication for a web designer to effectively place logos and colours on the site. When a website owner is happy with the website appearance, they ignore about web design feature. Because of this reason, most websites end with the worst web design features, which do not make it comfortable for visitors to browse the site.

Today website has progressed into an essential tool for many companies, from the online store to blogging or magazine sites to digital marketing service providers. Website designers are aware of the best web design features expected to be the key aspect of web development.

Good web design features make your company, whereas bad web design features may break your company. So, be careful about anything that makes the visitor struggle to find the information they are searching for. Possibly, the greatest problem in this category is slow to load a web page. This may be due to heavy images. Therefore, ensure you are aware of quality images that make your website’s appearance beautiful.

Here are worst web design features that may break your business:

1. Website content

You may be thinking web design only involves graphics, images, colours, pixels. However, content is the main part that most website owner ignores. Well, quality website content can make your website effective if it is presented well on your website. If the contents on your website are difficult to read, visitors may run away from your site. So, always focus on clear and simple to read on your website.

Here are some examples that make the worst website content:

  • Content with the small font size that is difficult to read.
  • Unreadable fonts
  • Text that looks crowded together
  • Color contrast text that is troubling to read
  • Paragraph in italic/bold or all caps
  • Underlined text which is not a link

2. Unfriendly or poor website navigation

Visitors explore the website to get the useful information they are looking for. Beautiful design with informative content becomes useless if your website is difficult to navigate. Most research shows that unfriendly navigation is the main reason for a website to lose visitors.

Also, poor navigation design troubles search engines to crawl the website, which will hurt the website rankings. Focus on well-managed navigation design, which is the key factor for website visitors and search engines. So, follow the navigation rules and make your website performance better.

For better website results, try to avoid these points:

  • Unfriendly navigation
  • Poor navigation
  • Broken links
  • Endless and boring scrolling
  • Irrelevant post title and web pages
  • No search bar

3. Failure to establish credibility

Not satisfying the confidence of your readers is the main problem that may abandon the accomplishment of the website. Web design features components must provide to audiences that they can rely on the information visible on your web pages.

Some common problems may be:

  • Grammatical errors
  • Spelling mistake
  • Lack of visual cleanliness
  • Outdated website

Thus, make sure your website is updated regularly. Some technical errors such as spelling and grammar mistakes and messy design negatively affect your company. So, make sure everything is fine with your online presence.

4. Worst design

Some web design features need to be fixed, and most website proprietors ignore them. This may demotivate potential website audiences to explore your website.

Some bad design features are:

  • Website that works only in limited browsers
  • Side scrolling
  • Extreme use of frames
  • Website that cannot be browsed from mobile devices

Today, most of the website is explored through mobile devices so; it is essential building a mobile-friendly website. If you fail to do so, you may lose huge customer finding similar to your business online.

5. Website background

Website background should be managed properly. Otherwise, it may create a problem in some spaces. Some users love them, whereas some may be irritated with them. Any posture you consider there is undoubtedly the wrong approach to use them.

Try to avoid:

  • Background color that makes difficult to read the content
  • Background that makes you uneasy
  • Distracting background

6. Website links

All the website has links. At the same time, some website picks to make links troubling for their audiences to follow. This takes your visitors away from their website.

Some worst website links:

  • Blue link border on the graphics
  • Unclear link Links that distract readers and directs them to irrelevant pages
  • Links with the same color as the text (users may not be able to find them)
  • Dead and broken links

7. Images

Images are the key elements of an appealing website. However, if images are not used properly, they may cause trouble. There are many aspects to help progress your website speed, and the main thing is to optimize the image properly.

For better results, try to avoid:

  • Larger images as it takes a long time to load website
  • Images that are larger than the user’s screen
  • Image without Alt tags
  • Larger thumbnail image

What’s next?

You must be aware of the worst web design features that may break your business. Keep in mind; the website is a continuous process, and technology is never constant. It is your duty to update the website regularly and make sure it is working properly. Thus, just staying still is not a good choice, always be conscious and improve to take your website forward.