Best Project Management Tools for Web Designer

Best Project Management Tools for Web Designer

Best Project Management Tools for Web Designer

Any profession you have either freelance Website designers or professional web designer are passionate to put up their creativity, knowledge, and design to develop a website that engages users towards the site.

Any type of project web designer handles either large or small using project management tool makes their life easy. These tools help them to work more professionally.

Also, utilizing project management tool help to communicate easily with the team and update clients with every milestone of the project. Carrying out all your tasks in a correct manner lets you get organized and helps to complete your task on preferred time.

However, there are lots of project management tools and selecting the right tools helps to collaborate and direct the ideas into striking and appealing designs. This lets them work easily and improve the productivity.

Exolore the best project management tools for a web designer:

1. Skype

Skype is the most popular project management tool admired by millions of designers throughout the globe. It allows you to communicate comfortably and instantly with your clients and team members. In addition, this tool lets you mobile and video calls, message, and chat. You can also share, videos, files, and images through the tool.

Besides, Skype can be accessed from any device and is an ideal tool for a website designer to communicate about their venture.


  • Call
  • Group Call
  • Call forwarding
  • Video
  • Group Video call
  • Message
  • SMS
  • Voice Message
  • Share Screens, files, and images
  • Skype Translator
  • Skype Wi-Fi
  • Skype Buttons

2. Basecamp

One of the leading project management and collaboration tools Basecamp also consist of notable project management apps. This tool helps to improve comfortable and simple to use interface allowing to work mutually with your client and team. This project management tool also lets you build different projects and setups, create and share document and arrange dates to schedule.

Besides, it is completely responsive, you can browse and manage your project from any device you feel comfortable.


  • Download multiple files at once
  • Make template from current project
  • Rename files
  • Unlimited number of project
  • Group and private chat choices
  • Third-party application and plugin
  • Cascading notification
  • Extended search feature
  • Flexible reporting
  • Build and assign task to multiple people

3. Google Docs

Online document collaboration tool Google Docs allows to create and edit the document from your preferred place. Web design team can use the document from any device they use.

Also, this tool lets them chat with each other within a document along with adding the comments. The updates made in the documents are saved automatically. You can also use the revision history to check the old version of the document, arrange them by date and understand properly about the one making detailed updates.


  • Voice typing
  • Clear formatting
  • Add more fonts
  • Suggestion mode
  • Tag someone in a comment
  • Bookmark more, scroll less
  • Offline mode
  • Preferences
  • Revision history

 4. Dropbox

Online file storage tool Dropbox benefits web designers to get an arranged access to their files and documents from any place and device they prefer. Also, they can use the file both in online and offline mode.

This project management tool allows you in adding photos, amend and update documents, show and share videos comfortably. Here, data are condensed securely against accidents and can be improved instantly.


  • Flexible storage plan
  • File and version recovery
  • Team folder manager
  • Link permission
  • Dropbox paper
  • Smart Sync
  • Admin dashboard
  • Account transfer tool
  • Groups
  • Remote wipe
  • Third party integration
  • Live Support

5. Teamwork Projects

Teamwork project is an ultimate project management tool for managing your project with the team. This tool lets you place your every project, task, and files in a single place and simply work mutually with a team. It also guides you throughout the visualization of the complete project via marked calendar and Gantt chart along with setup reporting.

It also supports file management together with Dropbox, Google Drive, and along the integration with leading apps like third party account software and customer support apps.


  • Project Categories
  • Project Dates
  • Document editor
  • Notification preferences
  • Archive projects
  • Move or copy project
  • Project charts

6. InVision

InVision transforms the design into interactive prototypes via the tool. This tool facilitates with real collaboration and performance function allowing clients and investors to eagerly offer feedback on design in the comment.

Designs are instantly updated into interactive prototypes. Also, feedback is automatically switched into to-do lists and all the members of the web design team are updated with the improvements.

The early version of website design together with the connected comments are saved and these are simply returned when required.


  • Manage project with new project page
  • Workflow with inspect
  • Tackle issues together
  • User testing
  • Chat
  • Design with real data in real time
  • Design driven project management
  • Flexible space to share ideas
  • Emojify design feedback

7. Zoho projects

Project management tool, Zoho comes up with wide-ranging business software. It is a remarkable tool for project planning and coordination from the beginning to end. This project management tool contains all the features you require together with improved features such that reporting, integration with Dropbox, bug tracking, Google Apps, setting up Wiki Pages to develop a repository of information and so on.


  • Project planning
  • Gantt Charts
  • Project Coordinator
  • Timesheet
  • Reporting tools
  • Collaboration software
  • Document management
  • Google apps
  • BugTracker
  • Project chat

Wrapping Up,

These are the best project management tools for web designers. Be sure you use these tools to enhance your work and carry out your project effectively. If you do not desire to pick a project management tool, then you may be wasting your time managing the work instead of carrying out the project.