10 Web Design Misconceptions You Must Be Familiar With

10 Web Design Misconceptions You Must Be Familiar With

10 Web Design Misconceptions You Must Be Familiar With

Let’s face it: In website design and development, you will discover the most misconceptions. Any web design venture you deal with may be web design misconceptions associated with it. These misconceptions may affect the newbie web designer who is not close to the web industry and other features.

In today’s fast-moving industry, it isn’t easy to keep track of every movement unless you are passionate about working in the technological environment. Several design features get out-of-date, so developing a new website that works well from both a user interface and User experience standpoint is essential.

Due to the popularity of the internet, companies started depending more on the online world to profit from their business. So, a successful website is in high demand. However, some business personnel is unaware of how web design and development work.

Even though a web design continuously focuses on the digital areas and the internet, many people are unaware of building a website with a mind-blowing user experience. Therefore, through this article, we will be moving ahead to break those web design misconceptions and bring the truth in front of our readers.

Find here top web design misconceptions which you should never believe:

Misconception#1: Clients are always right

Without a doubt, the client’s standpoint and concepts can be appreciated and often essential to the website’s accomplishment.

Usually, clients have a better concept that influences their potential customers regarding the services and the design and content that reflects the brand.

With updates in the web design industry, it isn’t easy to keep track until you are passionate about it or work on it. Various website design features go in and get outdated instantly. Thus, developing the updated website from both UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) viewpoints is essential.

Website trends change immediately due to the behaviour of website users, and there are standards and expectations about what establishes an engaging and valuable website. If you do not meet all the web design principles, getting fewer visitors directly decreases the website’s durability. So, sometimes you need to think more as client’s information about their industry may not indicate they understand the ideal way to deal with the website.

Misconception#2: You should show everything

With lots of online presence in our lives and movements over time, people’s devotions are decreasing with time and again. Ultimately, people do not visit the website to look at too many things at one point.

There should be a feeling of priority, proportion, and utility that enables access to the content. But, most of the website performs in a reverse way. The efforts to explain and demonstrate everything at once. This confuses website users.

Make a note of these points:

  • Firstly, understand the visitor’s focus and the purpose to explore the website. Then, provide them contents accordingly.
  • These days users are getting smarter and they wish to scan the document prior going more deeply. So, make sure you let them scan it quickly with an applicable format.
  • Focus on providing a clutter-free appearance and comfortable to go visit around.

Misconception#3: Web designer is responsible for everything

This is one of the common web design misconceptions moving around. When clients want a web designer to develop a custom website, the client thinks designers are responsible for moving forward.

After all, you hire web designers to handle everything on your online business. Right?

But, in actuality, web design is a collaborative process. It cannot be accomplished without the proper collaboration of web designers and clients.

Starting from planning to providing content that includes text, logo, and images, clients should also get updates on every milestone providing designer feedback. This ensures the web design venture is moving on the right path and the client is happy with the project.

Thus, if you are willing to develop a website, make sure you give sufficient time and stay focused on every project phase.

Misconception#4: Website design is easy

One of the most common web design misconceptions is people think web design easy. But in actual it is not that easy. Even though anyone can develop a basic website but all of them cannot provide the best result.

A striking website that is simple to use is the result of hard work and dedication. With the necessity of responsive website design, developing a website takes more time than static websites. The responsive site implements complicated programming to resize and reposition every page component to suit the screen size. Every functionality and feature on the website take lots of time to code. So, web design is not easy. It needs lots of dedication, hard work, and passion.

Misconception#5: Web designer should respond quickly to all the requests

Most website designers pick the career path due to their passion for the website industry and provide the service in their preferred time. Every designer has different techniques of working. Their creativity does not only limit to 10 to 6 office hours. The one working with the web design team should know this. And, its duty of web design to mention the work schedule to their clients.

If your web designer team likes to work at night, do not expect a 9 am email to respond instantly. If they do not work on Saturday and Sunday, wait till Monday to solve your queries. They need their private time as well. So, be sure you are aware of the timing before starting the project. This helps you know the best time to expect them to reply and work on updates.

Misconception#6: My designer should follow me

Most website owners think designers should do what they tell them after investing the money in a web project. But, it’s not necessary. Web designers spend most of their time learning about trends and web design principles. It’s their job to satisfy you with the design. So, trust them as they have a good number of experience and can deliver the business website of your choice.

However, this does not mean you should not provide them feedback regarding the design. Of course, they want feedback from you and likes to work accordingly. Make sure you do not micro-manage your website, designing team. They understand what they do always works for the welfare of your business.

In addition, the main aim of the web designer is to listen to your business requirement carefully and switch it to a user-friendly and appealing website. They have the skills and expertise to bring out web traffic and switch visitors into customers. So, trust them and let them work comfortably.

Misconception#7: Website is completed and job is done

Without any doubt, the biggest web design misconception is to think a website gets its own success. It will help if you stay relaxed. Most business owners have a misconception that website naturally goes viral after it gets completed. But, in actuality, web design changes constantly.

With approaching new devices the website browsers, you should make a habit of updating the website regularly. This helps to stay updated with the best web design practices and emerging trends. Anything either new search engine algorithm or new visual trends; your websites should fit all the trends and features.

So, make sure you maintain your website properly. With the changes in SEO and content standards, the web design task is never completed. It gets updated repeatedly. So, hiring a web design agency assures you are developing a living object that needs promotion and proper management.

Misconception#8: Copying competitor’s website

In today’s competitive environment, it is necessary to beat the competition, providing some worthy business understandings. But, some business owners take this too far. Most of them try to copy their competitor’s website.

However, some components amaze you. A competitor’s website should work as encouragement. Copying the website is not good and may harm the overall business strategy.  It is essential to visit the competitor’s website and figure out what makes it remarkable. And, instead of copying, allow your web designer to use their own creativity to build something unique for you.

Misconception#9: Web design is cheap

One of the most unsatisfying web design misconceptions is that web design should not cost much. From the first glimpse, a striking, simple site may appear to the inexpert eye that it is simple to develop the website. But, there is a different scenario. A website with great functionality is the consequence of an expert and creative website designer.

However, most people are not aware of this type of proficiency where developing beautiful websites needs a good budget. The web design and development team work hard to add beautiful features and functionality to your web page.

A proper domain demonstrates your brand and illustrates your company. Make sure you think of your website as an investment as your designer delivers the products based on the payments.

Misconception#10: Bugs designate failure in web designer part

It’s common to hear about the condition where clients are unhappy due to the bugs or issues present in the website after site delivery.

It’s wise to analyze and test your website quite often, even though it operates properly. Having a bug on the complicated or advanced system does not mean the designers are not doing well. As there are many browsers, operating systems, and devices, it can be troubling to test on all of them. The website or apps that work for some users may be troubling for other users shooting online and using them.

The Final Touch,

These are the web design misconceptions you need to know while working with a professional web design company. The most important thing in a web design venture is communication. The communication gap between designers and clients may lead to lots of web design misconceptions. So, make sure you use proper means for communication, whether it be Skype, emails or text messages.

Please feel free to message web design agency Aussie IT Group for more information about website design and development or talk about your business requirements. Hearing from you makes us happy.